Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot"

after catching bits of an episode of 'don't tell the bride' that Mrs M was watching and loves, She turned and said "that's what our wedding would be like wouldn't it?" Now i refer to my lady as Mrs Mcfly but i am yet to ask the all important question (much to her disappointment). I feel the time has to be right, she knows how very much in love i am with her and our boys and that someday she will be asked.

Anyway back to 'don't tell the bride', the chap on there was a sci-fi fanatic and had gone for aliens, a light show, masks from star wars for the guests to wear and even a guy in a quite impressive professional robot suit to meet and greet the guests on arrival. Now although i am very much into comic book culture and all things childish i think there's a time and place. I would much rather go for something classy and elegant.

This post however is how i would do things if i was that way inclined.

Thanks to my good friend Hannah for firstly sorting out my super hero wedding cake idea. Her sending me this picture was what first started me thinking about weddings again. In fairness this is the one thing i would keep although maybe a spider-man and Mary-Jane wedding couple for on top. Our little one calls mommy Mary-jane because of the bright red hair. (she likes being Mary-Jane and not that "slut Gwen Stacy" her words not mine).

 I toyed with a few ideas for out ultimate tacky super hero wedding outfits but the one that won hands down were definitely  the outfits of Aquaman and Mera mainly because of there flattering colours and figure hugging cuts(very difficult to include sarcasm). Unfortunately i don't have Aquaman's figure, according to my friend Craig,when having a conversation about what actor would play us in a movie about our lives, he said "Michael Chikilis would play you because you look like the thing!". Charming!! (but then this is the guy who see's our friendship as him being the short but extremely intelligent evil genius and me being his burly educationally challenged henchman 'MONGO').

After thinking about it for most of the day (well i have to keep myself entertained when the boys at school), i came to the decision that Mrs M would be making her way to the wedding venue by Batcopter (a very stylish way to travel as long as she has packed her shark repellent bat spray)....

but myself i was unsure, i obviously went through the cliche choices, the Delorean, Kit, The A-team van, Ghost riders motorcycle but managed to dwindle it down to two.....

    The Wraith (to satisfy my uber geeky side)

Or for sheer dramatic effect the red skull's WWII War vehicle

Now all that is left would be the locations and clearly the wedding would have to take part at universal studio's (and not when jaws pops out the water for all you super nerds out there). The Honeymoon would have to be at the Edan hotel in Taiwan how could i not be consummating my vow's in this room...

Well there you have it, I'm sure that Mrs M will read this and think i have gone clinically insane. I'm sure i will also received a list of chores to do tomorrow as this proves i clearly have to much time on my hands.

And Hannah i hope your proud of yourself for what you started.

  To be continued.....


MakeEveryDayCount said...

I love it! and i love you!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

i love you also Mrs M. Thats clear to everyone!! xx