Thursday, 8 December 2011

"I believe whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you…stranger"

I must have been a very good boy because last week Mrs M brought me the DC Encyclopedia, (i suppose i should write to Santa and cancel my order on that one),she's so good to me and is always getting me nice things. I'm only half way through reading the Marvel edition that she also brought me. I think ill find this one more interesting though as i know a lot less about DC characters, I was a Marvel boy when i was younger (was going to put when i was a child but i haven't grown up....yet).

It's lunch time at the moment and i have found i have a bit of spare time to write this as everyone in the house is asleep,Mrs M is shattered from feeding our youngest and our eldest has been very ill. So being the grown up that i am, i am writing about a super hero book ive been brought whilst watching batman the animated series (But at least i cleaned the whole house when i woke up this morning).

When i was younger i used to love watching the 'Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show' but haven't been able to get hold of it for my son and the videos on youtube are awful quality because of their age. I did recently get hold of 'Plastic Man In Puddle Trouble' from 2006 which my son loves and he's in a fair few 'The Bold And The brave Episodes'. plastic man seems to be my sons flavour of the month at the moment,i'm sure once i introduce him to another new character then that will be his favourite.


Ive just started reading the Plastic Man comics again. Mrs M thinks its funny that i still read comics but it fills my evenings when everyone is asleep,Plus as stupid as it sounds i need the pictures,its been a long time since i read a book (apart from a couple of parenting books not to long ago) as it takes me ages to get into them but with comics or graphic novels i'm thrown into the action. Id be lost without my Comic Zeal app for my iPad .

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