Thursday, 8 March 2012

Off to Orlando Florida, with Opeie and Seth.

 Its only 6 days until our holiday starts and me and Mrs M are so excited, we've been planning this trip for about 12-18 months, mainly as something to aim for whilst Mrs M was recovering from 12 months of serious illness.
Opeie is to young to understand whats going on and we've managed to keep it from Seth, he litterally has no idea, and we are so excited , organising things, and looking into reviews , places to go, places to eat etc  (i don't know how we've kept it under wraps!), so hes going to have a lovely surprise when we wake him up that morning. 

 Mrs M is worrying about the flight as Opeie (at 11 months) doesn't sleep through the night and our 5 year old needs constant attention and suffers with anxiety when travelling anywhere long distance, which could be interesting. We have a child's suitcase full of Marvel themed items and plenty of new toys for our youngest to keep them both occupied. Hopefully for the bulk of the 9 hour flight.

There's plenty of things that were all excited about doing and we have been doing lots of researched in to different parks etc, so here's a few....

We totally can't wait to go to Islands of Adventure, I've been dreaming about going here since it opened years ago, and now we have two sons of our own it's going to be even more special, I just hope it's accessible with a special adapted disabled push chair major buggy. We will see! Has anyone else been here?

As I said, It's all about marvel for me, i just want to bask in the superhero memorabilia, I buy lots of toys from America because their just not that easy to get over here and now I'm being let loose there. I don't think Mrs M knows what she's letting herself in for. I am hoping to get some things for the boys to remember this trip forever!

Mrs M just showed me this restaurant after asking "whats the Baxter building?" obviously she's not as well trained as i thought on marvel information. tut tut.
 Our eldest loves Dr Seuss so when he see's this part of of Universal Studio's he's going to be so excited, if we find a restaurant there though i won't be eating Green eggs and ham. We have a planned Character breakfast, which was really reasonable, and we have read that the Cat-In-The-Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 are going to be there, along with some Marvel people!

Other than Super heroes I'm really looking forward to going to the water parks and to Seaworld to see the manatee's, because we love the sealife centre here in the UK, so it should be fun seeing them outdoors in the warm. Again, I hope it's easier to get around with a baby and a 6 year old in a special needs stroller, we are doing as much planning as possible, but until you actually go, it's difficult to know exactly what it's like, and we can't find many reivews.

And for our youngest,well..... you cant go wrong with a bit of mickey.

Despite all the amazing attractions I'm just so happy about spending 2 weeks with my 3 favourite people its going to be amazing. We will let you know how things are, and what we like best when we're back!

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