Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"I'll be your winter coat buttoned and zipped straight to the throat With the collar up so you won't catch a cold"

I'm yet to write about all the amazing things that happened on our trip to Florida but the most Amazing thing that did happen was the fact i came back with something i hadn't gone with... a fiance!!! I had been planning the inevitable proposition for quite some time and there was never going to be a better time than our family holiday.

I knew that Mrs M was the one from the moment i met her and unlike all relationships previous, this was clearly going to be a life changing encounter from the start.

Crazy to think i had actually started the preparations for this proposal only six months after we met.

As Mrs M is a collector of vintage children's books there was only one appropriate way i could ask her this very important question so my mission began to sketch our life and all the things that had happened to us and in the classic style of her favourite illustrator Dick Bruna each page was written in rhyming couplets.

The set up was perfectly executed with our eldest saying "mommy can we read a story before bed". while sitting around the bed about to read 'The Gruffalo' he reached under his pillow and said "mommy can we read this instead". As Mrs M read the book she got more and more upset as she turned the pages until she reached the final page where she was crying so much she couldn't get her words out.....

I then proceeded to do something that I'm quite sure most men couldn't get away with in there relationships without causing a little upset. Mrs M is not a jewellery person so proposing with an actual ring would have been virtually impossible (she doesn't even know what she likes). I'm always going to be a big kid so it was only fitting to express my admiration in this way with a Lego ring made by me and my eldest son. (i did um and ah a fair bit about this decision but it worked out well). Even managed to pull a mini figure together that looked like me.

Not that there was any doubt at all in my mind Mrs M gave me a very weepy yes so a very happy evening was had by all and the boys got to play their part in all of it too. Being able to go ring shopping in Orlando was also very romantic and something that would never have had the same appeal in the UK with grotty clouds looming over.

And the outcome was a slightly more expensive alternative to my bespoke Lego engagement ring but the look of it on my beautiful wife to be's hand is priceless.

I am forever smitten!!!


Anonymous said...

How romantic!

Beesley Buzz said...

FANTASTIC! How amazing and romantic is that! Love the Dick Bruna style book x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thankfully it all turned out great and being on holiday added to the magic. Thanks for reading xx

The Brick Castle said...

Aww, that's lovely. I also got my engagement ring last year in a Lego box - but I didn't get the Lego ring to go with it, only the normal one! :D

Congratulations...although it's a bit late, it still stands :)

GiftsFromThePirates said...

congratulations on your engagement, nice to see lego included again. have you guys set a date? thanks for reading xx

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