Tuesday, 17 July 2012

"The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship."

Outside of Mrs M and the boys, the only member of family i have is my Dad, which is why friends to me are so important. their my family. When you have children its so easy to get wrapped up in them (which i wouldn't have any other way), they do crave your full attention after all. Sometimes you don't get to see your friends for long periods of time but your true friends are the ones that when you haven't seen them for months and then decide to get together, its like you were never apart.

Today i was lucky enough to spend the day with four of my lovely friends, organised secretly by that very special lady of mine for my birthday (although going to pick up a bulk of party food from m&s beforehand may have been a bit of a give away).To quote Mrs M's Facebook status after everyone had ventured home "great food, great company & great conversation ! My three top Sunday afternoon things !"

It's great being able to catch up and to be able to have a bulk time of grown up talk, being a stay at home dad during the day the only grown up talk i get while Mrs M is at work is the 10 minutes i get in the playground picking Seth up from school talking to the other parents.

Unfortunately the girls didnt want their picture being used on the blog but i thought what the hell I'll use it anyway, with a few minor adjustments (made by Mrs M). I hope this doesn't get Chris in trouble. sorry guys!!

It was a great afternoon and Chris took lots of lovely photo's of the boys. Opeie is usually very wary of other men but Chris and Craig were very well liked. They both seemed like they had loads of fun too playing with all the boys toys.

Didnt get any nice pictures of Chris with the boys though as he was on the other side of the camera all day.

My very kind friends brought me some amazing presents and i was even made some very tasty spider-man cookies. Although we did spend the afternoon joking about how the amount of food colouring used contributed to Seth's hyperactive behaviour (I'm eating one as i type).

I love reading about anything to do with Marvel or just comic books in general. So these books were very much appreciated. After giving the Obsessed with Marvel game book a go on random questions it turns out i know absolutely nothing about Marvel??? how is that possible???

We dont live in a very grown up house, there is colour and toys every where, its the little childish touches in the house i like. Like the random little Batman and Catwoman that live on the hall mirror and now the cute Lego salt and pepper shakers that will make seasoning our meals so much more fun. Thanks to Chris and Michelle. (anything with a mustache on it goes down well in our house because as i have made quite clear Mustaches are important).

I always think it's so nice when family bring things for the boys but when its your friends i think its really thoughtful. the boys were very greatful for their sticker books and Pez dispensers. Got me and Mrs M talking about what Pez dispensers we had when we were younger. The sticker books will be lots of fun to do together too. Opeie loves playing with stickers.

Well the food was delicious and seemed to go down well but i was mostly impressed by the fact that what seemed to be perfect timing for the party, Asda decided to release Super hero reusable plates and cups making the soiree seem like a childs birthday party (just the way i like it).

I had a great day and so did Mrs M and the boys, it's made me realise that although the boys and Mrs M will always come first, time needs to be made for the other people in our lives that care for us. Its so easy to lose track of time and Ive lost contact with so many great friends over the years that i really need to hold on to the great ones i have left.

Thank you Craig,Nicola,Chris and Chelle and as always thank you Mrs M and the boys for always making me feel like the most loved person ever. I'm lucky to have you all in my life.


Laura said...

Lovely lovely day!!!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

it certainly was thanks to my family and friends x