Sunday, 29 July 2012

"Furculum: The wishbone or merrythought of birds, formed by the united clavicles."

I had a nightmare finding an appropriate quote for the title of this post but in searching found out what Merrythought actually meant which answered the question i always ask myself when i see the sign "i wonder why their is a picture of a wishbone?".

I moved to Shropshire 2 years ago and being taken to Ironbridge by Mrs M very early into our relationship i fell i love with the area and it has now become one of my favourite places. Today we took a drive there to see Mrs M's sister Lotty (who i had mentioned in my last post).

Ive been meaning to write a post about the Merrythought since i started my blog but I'm pretty useless at remembering to take our camera every time we go there. Well today i had it with me so off i trotted to take a few pictures.

The Merrythought has always meant a lot to Mrs M as her nan had worked there when she was young and she has lovely memories of there being bears around her house when she used to visit. Sadly she is no longer with us but i think that the Merrythought is a constant reminder for her. 

On entering the shop i politely asked the smiling lady (Caroline as i found out later in the conversation) whether it would be ok to take some photo's, she was more than happy to oblige. I explained that i wrote a blog about toys and that i had been meaning to write about the Factory for some time.

Its a very quaint shop, only small but is full of charm with wall to wall teddy bears and other handmade stuffed animals (apparently around 340 bears), everywhere you look there is something cute staring straight back at you. Whenever we used to go in Mrs M always wanted to see the vintage Airedale terrier but i didn't see it in there yesterday so I'm assuming it must have been sold (Mrs M will be very sad).

Being a lover of action figures ive never really been interested in Teddy bears or plush toys, but i find myself drawn in by the Merrythought. Each bear has so much character, maybe its the fact that their handmade or possibly the mohair that is used on many of them or it could even be that when i was younger i had a jointed bear that i used to carry about with me that i think was my moms?

I took loads of pictures while i was in there mainly because i had Seth with me and he was telling me what to photograph. i could have included them all but it would have been a very long post that may have got quite tedious after a while. I spoke to Caroline the whole time i was in there and she was a lovely friendly lady (i don't think it would be possible to be anything but with all those friendly bears around you).

Seth liked the new British Bear Collection range.

Although the bears are amazing the factory itself has lots of character too. when you drive into the car park or walk along the river from the other side the rear of the factory and the main gates have iron railings with very cute looking gold bear heads on top.

Lotty lives right next door to the Merrythought, which I'm always very jealous of, so when i got to her place i took a picture of the bears that she has too,that are always displayed nicely on a chair in the lounge.

Obviously being the toy fiend that i am it would have been rude not to own something from the Merrythought ourselves. When Opeie was born Lotty had a bear specially made for him by someone she knows that works at the factory which was an amazing gift and very sweet.

Since going there i have always been a fan of the Golly's but sadly i was told yesterday that they will no longer be selling them due to the passing of someone at the factory. I do own Banjo Joe though from the series of band golly's.

Before leaving the shop Caroline gave me and Seth a bear which was so nice of her. it was from a series of bears that were made for breast cancer awareness. Although it would look very cute with our other bears, Laura recently lost a friend to cancer and she has a daughter Seth's age which is really very upsetting and must be so much for a 5 year old to deal with, so i think Laura would like to send it to the little girl Poppy which i think is a great idea. 

Well i enjoyed my trip to the Merrythought as i always do and i really enjoyed writing about it. Thank you Caroline for the lovely bear and the friendly chat. I am sure you will be seeing me again very soon. Ill leave you all now with the first thing we look for when rounding the corner to the factory. . .


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing about Merrythought, we always try and please our customers. See you again soon. xxxxx

GiftsFromThePirates said...

well we love the Merrythought here. everything in the shop has so much character and the staff are lovely. and yes you will see us very soon xxx

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