Wednesday, 11 July 2012

"I'm not materialistic. I believe in presents from the heart, like a drawing that a child does."

Another year has crept up on me but unlike a lot of people who dread their birthday and stress out about getting older i find myself content at the fact that i am in a better place than many of my previous years. Since Mrs M has been a part of my life ive finally started to feel like I'm living. I have made a few 'birthday's aren't the same when your older' comments today but really when i think about it having a birthday when your a dad, and happy is far greater than any other time.

This morning i was woken by my favourite people with big smiles on their faces and was handed the best birthday present ever. Im not a materialistic person, dont get me wrong i own a lot of gadget's and, well stuff, but none of it is important to me. People obsess about their phones, computers and games consoles but there are things far more important.

Anyway Opeie had clearly had a lot of fun making this and it is something i will always treasure. It will be great to be able to show him when he is older too. I'm so completely smitten My Mrs M and my boys and every little thing they do.

If only my beard was as glamorous as this, its got me thinking maybe i should throw a bit of glitter on before i leave the house (it would be interesting to see all the looks on the moms faces in the playground when Im dropping Seth off at school). Apparently Opeie was getting very excited by all the shineyness, i wish i could have seen his little face.

My dad rang last week and asked me what i wanted for my birthday and i told him a Toys R Us voucher, he seemed a little confused but i explained that i really love having things to do with the boys, its obviously my main reason for writing my blog although he is yet to read any of my post's. I did try and explain about the blog but my dad being the technophobe he is seem's a little bewildered by it all and i don't think he understands. Ill get him up to speed at some point. who knows i may even get him to write a post (although that may be wishful thinking). In the end he sent me some money which im sure will end up going towards some Lego kits for me and the boys to build.

Mrs M and the boys brought me a Lego avengers Set which we built when Seth got home from school, it took us a while longer than expected to build because Opeie kept crawling off with the parts. I may have to use my birthday money to put towards another one of the sets. In an hour or so ill be removing . . . 

. . . from it's cellophane wrapper to keep me entertained for a few hours courtesy of my lovely lady and those sweet faced little angels and as my Xbox had started to make a noise that made it sound like the console was about to take off i was also treated to a new noise free machine (yes i am spoilt). 

I really have been treated like a princess today and although the gifts are lovely and i will always be extremely grateful for the things i am given, the thing that makes me happiest on my birthday is being able to spend it with the three amazing people who have turned my world around and as i said to Mrs M earlier "you didn't need to get me anything because meeting you and having the boys is like a lifetime of birthday gifts".

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Anonymous said...

Awww i loved making cards for my Dad. Cute! Treasure them!