Friday, 20 July 2012

"...the one thing you couldn't possibly have in your utility belt, Batman. A woman's intuition."

Just a quick post today as i needed to put on a couple of pictures of Seth's card for my friend Nicola, Seth likes to think that all the people we know are Batman characters. It all started when he decided that Nanny Roo was Mrs Freeze because she puts doughnuts in the freezer (strange i know, they don't last long enough in our house to be frozen), then he decided Auntie Lotty was the Riddler and it went from there. He decided one night at bedtime that Nicola was Batgirl so he drew her a very lovely card.

Seth has decided this week that Star wars isn't his favourite anymore and that its all about Batman at the moment. I'm ok with that, I'll always be a Marvel boy but DC is better than Star wars. Seth's best friend William has told his mom he wants a Batcave too so things are looking up on the eradication of the force!!

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