Monday, 23 July 2012

"The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him."

I'm having a break from the toys today, for a change the weather was bright and shiny yesterday and was lovely and hot so we decided to take a trip to Monkey Forest in Staffordshire. Seth's not here this week and we're all a little sad and missing him like crazy. Opeie keeps saying Seth so we know he's missing him lots.

Opeie was shattered when we got there but soon perked up when he saw the monkey's running around. It was a really nice place to walk about and seeing the baby monkeys grabbing on to the parents was so cute. Reminded me of our little one (although thankfully i don't have to climb to the top of tree's to get him down)

It wasn't a huge place and you couldn't really spend the whole day especially with a young child but it made a really nice change and any chance i can get to spend some quality time with the people i love most makes me a very happy boy. My favourite part of this good weather is its so much easier to do nice things and get out and about and it looks like the whole weeks going to be nice.

I love this photo of Mrs M, she's so beautiful even if she does think it looks like she's posing. We had a yummy picnic in the picnic area and Opeie did a bit of walking, hopefully he wont need us supporting him soon, he's almost there and Mommy and Daddy are very very proud of him. It's a shame that Seth wasn't with us i think he would have really liked it there.

The forest was really pretty and id love to get married in that sort of place (minus the monkey's of course). I think that the scenery would look amazing in the background of the wedding photo's.

Im not really much of an animal person but Mrs M and the boys love them. They especially loved being at Sea World on our recent holiday to Florida. I think that now the weathers starting to look up and its the school holidays a trip to the Safari park will be coming very soon.


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