Saturday, 28 July 2012

“The true object of all human life is play.”

Seth came home today after not being here for a week which has put a huge smile on all of our faces. When Opeie saw him he started waving his hands about and got very excited, it must be so strange for him not having his brother about all the time. Mrs M wasn't expecting him home today so it was a lovely surprise for her when she came out of work, she had a lovely smile on her face when she heard him shout mommy from behind her. We decided to make the most of the nice weather and ventured down to Ironbridge to see Auntie Lotty for a cuppa and the usual catch up.

After the grown up talking and cups of tea were over we took the boys to the park, Seth loves the park and Opeie loves going on the swings so when we got there we had two very happy boys. Me and Mrs M like this park because there is a swing big enough for the grown ups and kids to go on together which meant we were entertained also.

We always have lots of fun when we see Lotty she is such a kind and caring person and the boys love her very much. She seemed to end up being the designated swing pusher today but she didn't mind.

Whenever we take photo's there's always a couple where we have caught each other pulling a strange face, rather than delete them i thought i would upload them for all to see (not sure how Mrs M will feel about that but I'm sure i will find out very soon).

Its made so much of a difference having Seth back at home, we got back home and the boys sat down in the lounge together and played with the batman figures. I stood at the lounge door watching them and started crying (crazy i know but sometimes i get so overwhelmed by how happy my family makes me that i literally cant control it). Seth and Opeie play so nicely together, Me and Mrs M are so lucky and the boys mean everything to us.

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