Sunday, 11 November 2012

"Wake up sleepy one, it's time to save your world."

Last week Mrs M had some work on in Birmingham so i decided that Me and Opeie would go too and visit the art gallery while we were there. Opeie doesn't really like being in the car for long periods of time and can get frustrated pretty quick. So we were hoping he would sleep most of the way there. we had recently been sent some new soothers by Nuby to try so this was a perfect chance to give them a try.

Opeie will only have a cherry shaped soother and they are a pain to find at any of the shops let alone decent ones so when we opened the Nuby ones i was pleasantly surprised at how nice they were. I love how transparent they are it makes them look really clean unlike a lot of others you can buy that have brownish teats. Plus you can see into Opeies mouth when he's using them which i think is cute.They seemed to work a treat with Opeie...

Well for all of about 20 minutes anyway. We picked auntie Lotty up to take her to Birmingham with us and Opeie woke up. He gets very excited when Lotty is around so that was it for his afternoon nap. I should have known at that point that it would have had a knock on effect for the rest of the day but on the drive down i was happily oblivious.

We dropped Mrs M and Lotty off and headed on our mini adventure. As soon as we stepped out of the car Opeie dropped his dummy onto the car park floor which is when i realised i hadn't picked up an extra one. You can guarantee that when we go out i will manage to forget something but this was a big mistake. There's plenty of room in our soother carry case yet i didn't think to put extras in there.

To make matters worse as soon as he saw me getting the pushchair out of the boot he started to get very upset. Opeie hates being in his stroller. He wants to be carried everywhere but for some reason he only likes being in the baby carrier when its strapped to Mrs M which makes going out a bit of a pain sometimes, Especially sootherless.

Well Opeie instantly became a bit of a handful so i set out to find some soothers. Two boots and one Superdrug later i finally found one and to be fair it was horrible and cheap but it did calm Opeie down briefly so we headed to Birmingham art gallery.

Its so difficult to get well focused photographs when you've got a restless little boy permanently attatched to you (not that I'm complaining at the affection). Opeie didn't want to be in his stroller as soon as we got there and i don't blame him, unfortunately there was nowhere to leave it so i was having to carry opeie and push the stroller one handed, not perfect.

Opeie was really shattered bless him, we walked about for a while longer taking in the sights and even spotted a piece with a woman feeding her child which reminded me of Mrs M...

We sat down for a while and read some books that i had packed to keep Opeie entertained, hes a real book fiend, me and Mrs M read between 10-20 books to him a day, he cant get enough. We had a little cuddle for a while and he started to drop off, id have been happy sitting in the victorian room for an hour while he slept but that didn't last long and he was climbing all over me again.

There was so much more to look at while we were there but Opeie really started to get upset so we headed to the gift shop to have a look about in hopes that it would calm my adorable boy down a little. There was a Christmas display in the gift shop selling hand made decorations so Opeie picked one for Mommy and one for Auntie Lotty as they both love Christmas and Mrs M has been collecting decorations for years.

The great thing was they really cheered Opeie up.

Then it was time to go and meet mommy and head home, i popped into Superdrug again to grab some sterilising solution for Opeie's Nuby soother so we could clean it before heading home and with the nice clean soother our little prince slept soundly all the way home.

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