Friday, 29 March 2013

The Great Birthday Bird says, "Hop to it! Get dressed! It's your day of all days! It's the best of the best!"

I don't know who was more excited about Opeie's birthday, Me, Mrs M or Seth? Opeie doesn't really understand so as he floats around in his little world of books, cuddles and super heroes we were all rushing about making sure everything was sorted for him to have an amazing day, even if he didn't understand what was going on exactly. 

Seth woke up first and as i had gone to bed late i was dead to the world. Mrs M soon followed but then they both went back to bed and i got up to make Seth's lunch for school (there's no rest for us parents). Opeie woke up in his usual grumpy way, squinty eyed and looking for the good stuff off mommy.  We all sang happy birthday and then moved in to Seth's room. Opeie was really excited about the Cat in the Hat bunting we had made and the pile of presents sitting on the floor all for him. I thought about how excited i used to get as a child, it'll be even better next year when he understands that it's his special day.

The presents were excitedly torn open and it was clear that he loved the present Seth had brought him the most. Spider-man and all his new friends got the attention they deserved and Opeie and Seth played happily together while we sorted out breakfast. After breakfast Opeie opened the rest of his presents and was excited about the new birthday Dr Seuss book that Mrs M had found...

As it was a special occasion we all enjoyed a piece of cake before Seth headed off to school...

We really wanted to get out and do something with Opeie to celebrate his day but unfortunately he's still not feeling well and as soon as Seth had gone to school he went into grumpy mode. All Opeie wants to do when he's not feeling great is lie in bed and read books, which suits me fine as i love having a nice warm cuddle in bed.

We did manage to get out for a little later in the day and me and Opeie got to spend an hour with Nanny Roo and Auntie Lotty who we love very much. Although we didn't get to party properly we will be making up for that the weekend when hopefully the birthday boy will be feeling a bit better.

Happy birthday Opeie Daddy loves you so much!

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