Sunday, 30 June 2013

"Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

We've just got in from spending the evening with the boys Great Great Nan, Nanny Robson is amazing and i love spending time with her. She has moved to a home recently and we try and visit her as much as we can. Shes such a lovely woman and has a highly contagious smile that lights up a room. You cant help but have a big grin on your face as soon as you see her. The boys love her to bits, and rightly so. She loves to sit and have a chat with them. A few nights ago when we were visiting we asked if there was anything special that she wanted as we take her shopping round each week and Mrs M mentioned fish and chips (as she used to love it when Mrs M was younger), her eyes lit up and there was that lovely grin again.

We couldn't take her out to get chips so we brought the chips to her. I haven't had fish and chips for forever so it was a nice treat (even if it did shatter my healthy eating for the day). More importantly though was the Smile on Nanny Robson's face.

Since being in the home Nan has lost a considerable amount of weight so were doing our best to fatten her up a little (hence the chips). Tonight was a great night for her eating though, as she made us laugh with her dry sense of humour we managed to get her to eat a few things. Opeie was being his usual cute self hiding from nanny, giving her lots of kisses and generally being entertaining.

It was a lovely visit and its always so nice to see her happy but i always feel a little sad for her that she was taken away from her home and placed in there against her will by family members that we don't get on with. If it wasn't for us, Mrs M's parents and Auntie Lottie visiting and doing all we can for her then she would be pretty much on her own all the time and that makes me sad. Growing old doesn't bother me at all but the thought of ending up alone and the possibility of having to rely on people making the effort to see me and want to spend time with me scares the hell out of me. Nanny Robson deserves good people making a fuss of her, shes a kind and lovely lady and we all do our best, i only hope I'm as lucky when I'm older.

Thanks for reading

P.s.... Opeie has been showing off this evening with his 'look at me I'm Spider-man' routine which has been very entertaining watching him hang from a hand rail for some time, ever the cutie!


The Beesley Buzz said...

what a lovely idea about fish n chips! We used to take chocolate cake to great nanny when she was alive in her care home to try to fatten her up too. It made us very popular with all the residents and staff there as they knew they'd get cake whenever we visited. x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

I bet they loved you, we offered to buy fish and chips for everyone in the home but they didnt seem interested. Nan couldnt get enough of it though, shes such a cutie! thanks for the comment xx

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