Saturday, 8 June 2013

"whatever makes you feel like a Rockstar"

Yesterday afternoon while i was waiting for Seth at the school my phone beeped and it was a message off Mrs M's mom Nanny Roo asking if i wanted to bring the boys over after school. They've not seen Seth for a few weeks as he always seems to be elsewhere on the days that we go over so he was very excited when he came out of school and i told him where we were going. I headed home first though to make them both a picnic to have at Nannies.

As we drove on to the their road Opeie shouted 'YESSSSSSS GRANDAD' He knew exactly where we were. Everyone got lots of smoochies when we arrived and Seth sat down and had his tea while Opeie did his usual and monopolised grandads time. Opeie had been saving a Lego kit to build with Grandad that he had got earlier for using his potty. The boys then played an unsuccessful game of Guess Who before heading outside for some running about in  the hot weather. Grandad went searching for some outside toys and came back with bats and balls and a water gun, Seth didn't like getting wet though so we had a game of Tennis/Hockey...

The game then got a bit more creative when Grandad and the boys decided they were rockstars and were rocking out and power sliding all over the garden. I love just sitting back and watching them both play with the boys when i go over. They both make so much effort and i feel really lucky to have them in our lives.

After a bit grandad disappeared and Opeie looked a little confused wondering where his playmate had got to. He soon returned though wearing a pair of comedy teeth he had brought for a prank for his sisters wedding photos and proceeded to chase two screaming boys around the garden.

The time flew by and before we knew it it was time for us to go and pick Mrs M up from work, Opeie really didn't want to go and did everything he could to avoid going to the car. I have a feeling Grandad would be having a nap as soon as we were gone, Once in the car Opeie was excited about getting home and trying on the new Superman pants that Nanny had brought him. We really are so lucky to have such great family in our lives, i makes up for the useless ones on my side.

Thanks Nanny and grandad for a great afternoon.

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