Wednesday, 3 July 2013

“Drawing makes you see things clearer, and clearer, and clearer still. The image is passing through you in a physiological way, into your brain, into your memory - where it stays - it's transmitted by your hands.”

When i met Mrs M i fell for her very quickly and in a huge way. I wanted to spend every minute i had with her but we lived in different counties and she had Seth so we were limited to when we could see each other in the first few months and for how long. It was really difficult but we did everything we could to spend every chance we could together. I had said 'I love You' to people before  but this was clearly the real deal and everything before that was just a poor attempt at what i was looking for. Because of the distance (which wasn't that far but was enough to be annoying at times) we would spend a lot of our time on trains and buses. I hated leaving her and was always pretty miserable when we had to go our seperate ways. The journey home was always grim so to take my mind off it i started doodling in a sketchbook, very quick sketches of things that we had been doing or of photos i had taken.

*The 'Penis' thing crops up a fair bit, we're not deviants but if you have seen 500 days of summer (Mrs M's favourite film) you'll know what game we played a lot.

I used to doodle all sorts and after finding out my sketchbook the weekend for the post i wrote on Sunday i thought it would be nice to write a post about it. It'll be nice for the boys to look back on and see that we have been this happy from the start. Plus it gives them chance to ask questions, like what does 'Birdnest hair' mean. We're a random pair at times and some people have no idea what were talking about when their with us, We spend a lot of time together, she's my best friend and we're a finely tuned machine.

There are quite a lot of funny scenarios that happened in the early days usually orchestrated by that crazy woman of mine so Opeie, Seth if your reading this and your a little older be sure to ask me about an inappropriate email your mom sent to my works head office that was really quite funny and yes Mrs M if your reading this hang that head in shame haha.

Seeing all the little sketches again has made me realise that i need to start a new one. So i will be purchasing one soon (unless Mrs M would like to get me a little on for my birthday next week?). Although a lot of the sketches seem a little funny to me now at the time these doodles were important and were a visual diary of the early days of our relationship.

I drew in the book until we found out Opeie was on his way and then my visual diary took a back seat for the daily pregnancy diary that i kept for the entire pregnancy. I never would have done these sorts of things before which just shows me that right here and now is exactly where i am meant to be. i have a beautiful fiance and two amazing boys that blow me away everyday. Ive been smitten since the day i met Mrs M and and am eternally greatful for that chance meeting.


Lucy's Mad house said...

What a lovely post, I love your drawings :)

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Thank you for your comment, they are only quick sketches but they are nice to look back on. Xx

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