Monday, 8 July 2013

"To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me."

Another year has flown by, I can't believe how much quicker the time goes when you have children, i know that seems like a strange way to start a post considering its summer, obviously it's not New Year (far to sunny for that) but it is by birthday in a few days and it only seems like 5 minutes since my last one. Mrs M is at work on Thursday and Seth is at school so it will be just me and mini me celebrating in the afternoon. As a pre-birthday celebration yesterday we packed up the car and headed for the beach. I love the seaside so I (along with the rest of the troops) was very excited.

The morning didn't start off great when my hay fever woke me up at 4am and I could barely breathe but once the boys and Mrs M were up at 6 my morning was looking a bit more cheery. We managed to get out the house just after 7 and we all had HUGE smiles on our faces, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was shaping up to be an amazing day out with my three best friends. We were heading to Shell island near Barmouth, the drive wasn't to long and the DJ (Mrs M) kept us entertained throughout. Even the thick fog and temperature drop didn't dampen our moods, we were going to the seaside and it was going to be magical.

About 10 minutes before we reached our destination Opeie made it clear that he needed the loo so we pulled up at the side of the road and put his potty down. With nowhere to empty said potty the remainder of the journey involved Mrs M carrying Opeie's dinner on her lap. We arrived at shell island just before 10 and after a quick stop at the restroom (to empty the potty contents) we headed to the beach. The weather was a little overcast and although it wasn't cold there was a chill in the air so it was lucky I had packed three hoodies for Mrs M and the boys (forgot me though). The beach was empty which was great, quiet and relaxing. It was Opeies first time at the beach so he wasn't sure what to make of all the rocks and kept saying 'be careful daddy' but as soon as he'd got his bearings him and Seth were off hunting for pretty shells, which there was no shortage of (hench the name of the island). 

 After a couple of hours or so we headed back to the car for a drive over to the other side of the island (where everyone else seemed to be). The picnic on the beach was lush although Mrs M wasn't best pleased about the sandy fruit that an excited Opeie had prepared for her (oops). 

Seth started digging a hole and insisted on lying in it so we both took it in turns to be buried which was lots of fun, Mrs M got involved too and the activity turned a little more x-rated....dirty!!!

After lunch it was around the time Opeie has his nap so we went for a drive down to Barmouth beach with the intention of me and Seth getting out while Mrs M stopped in the car with Mr sleepy. That didn't happen due to a music festival which was on in the town so we stopped off at the supermarket and ventured back to the island (the round trip acting as a perfect nap time for Opeie).

Recharged and excited again about the prospect of sand castles, shells and the sea we made our way back to the beach. Seth was desperate for a paddle in the water and Opeie was after his milk so I took Seth as clearly I couldn't give Opeie what he was craving. Seth loves being in the sea and we both got quite wet but he showed his usual girly side by being scared of seaweed and other washed up sea plants (obviously I took advantage of this and chased him about) by running away and screaming.

We spent a good few hours on the beach which brought us up to tea time. We had brought food for tea but I thought it would be a nice idea to get some chips to go with it as a treat, bad idea as Opeie threw his 7 chips back up (possibly because he never has greasy food at home, so a valuable lesson learned there). He was fine though and was soon itching to get back on the beach, the blazing heat had dropped slightly and the pre-sunset soft light was beautiful across the beach. We watched the boats coming in and out of the harbour, built sand castles, skimmed stones and rescued lots of jelly fish that had washed up on the beach (our good deed for the day).

 It was a perfect end to one of those family days out that you want to remember forever. Being around Mrs M and the boys is all I need to make my birthday celebrations perfect.

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