Friday, 12 July 2013

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

Opeie had a terrible sleep last night, I'm not sure if its the heat, teething, illness or just generally feeling irritable. Usually (as terrible as it sounds) I sleep through whatever he's going through in the night and Mrs M sorts him out while he's being fed and then I'm refreshed for getting up at whatever time for him. Last night I was awake though and Mrs M was exhausted so I got up with him at 1:45am and we put the TV on in the lounge, it may not have been perfect but it was in a strange way a nice way to start my birthday, cuddles on the sofa with my boy.

Whatever was up with him by 7am when he had dropped off for a couple of hours he seemed like himself, recharged and hell vent on being a tinker so my birthday was ready to start properly. We had already had a bit of a pre-birthday celebration on Saturday at the beach and last night our friends Chris and Michelle had come over for a BBQ bearing great gifts and as always amazing company. My birthday was shaping up to be more like a birthweek.

Once I had got my bearings and had splashed my sleepy face with freezing cold Water trying to kick start the little energy I seemed to have left the boys produced one of their amazing cards which put a huge smile on my face and got me in to the birthday mood a little more. Mrs M had been up early and was making me birthday cookies and a cake (yes she's amazing) so the smell of fresh baking really awoke my senses. I was also receiving even more kisses and cuddles off the boys than usual which I was lapping up.

Sadly Seth was at school today and Mrs M was at work so the morning (after dropping them off) was spent with that mini version of myself. We popped down to see nanny Roo at work and then attempted to feed the most ungrateful ducks I've ever come across, clearly these bread munching snobs were expecting a Roquefort and almond sourdough so I'll know better for next time, Opeie was just happy launching the pieces of bread though.

Disappointed by the snobery we decided to go for a long walk in the blazing heat. Opeie was in his favourite spot perched on my shoulders dishing out directions like some sort of satnav fashion accessory. I love having him on my shoulders its one of my favourite father/son moments and i always have to get a picture.

We headed back to the car after an hour or so of walking and Opeie dropped off straight away, he was still shattered from his rough night so i knew it was coming. i sat in the car and started this post to keep me occupied. Mrs M finished early afternoon so when we picked her up all we needed was Seth who wasn't going to be to long out of school. We had lunch and then it was time to pick up the last member of our team. Mrs M had somewhere she needed to be so the rest of us went over to Mrs M'S folks and Auntie Lotty was there too. I had some lovely presents and I'm really appreciative but getting to see them meant so much more. I was genuinely taken a back by a card from Nanny Roo basically telling me (in many touching words) that i was the son she would have always liked. It really meant a lot to me and the fact that they signed the card 'Mom and Dad' was lovely. Not having a family on my side it really means so much to be taken in by another family and treated like one of their own. I feel so lucky to have them as part of my life. My own family has never said words as nice as those and it really made my birthday.

While we were there we managed to save a bee that was struggling on the floor, i mentioned about giving him honey and Grandad Gary looked at me like i was having him on. But Nanny Roo fetched some and we all watched the little bee sucking it up. Grandad Gary may have been sceptical but when he saw what was happening he was the first to get the magnifying glass to get a closer look. Mr Bee (Or Benson Bee as Opeie called him) didn't fly off while we were there but buzzed off happy once we'd left, our good deed for the day.

We picked Mrs M back up and headed home for tea, it was BBQ part II and i couldn't wait, Mrs M had brought decorations and it all looked pretty, the boys were running about excited and the sun was out. It was a perfect night with my three favourite people, i even managed to not burn any of the food which was a nice change.

And then it was time for cake, i had be waiting to tuck in to Mrs M raw apple and cinnamon cake all day. I never disappoints there's so much flavour its like a party in your mouth, complimented by ice cream of course, yummy.

The boys were pretty shattered after all the food had been consumed, Opeie especially after his early nap and rough previous night. All that was left to do was to tuck up in my new (very grown up) bedding and read my very grown up book about Marvel which Chris informed me on opening 'doesn't have any pictures', i think ill manage (thanks guys).

I had such a lovely few days spent with all the people i care about the most and as always i am in awe of how lucky i am to be surrounded by these great people.


Em @ snowingindoors said...

Check you out, Dr Pauly, saviour to bees everywhere ;-) I'm glad you're feeling better and had such an awesome birthday. As for that duvet, amazing bedroom styling, loving it.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thanks it was a birthday gift from my friends Chris and Michelle and yes if you see a bee in distress you now know who to call xx