Monday, 9 September 2013

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"

Saturday night we as a family were lucky enough to be invited to our friends Gareth and Vikki's wedding (You may remember the post about our Gift). The mere mention of the invite sending Mrs M in to a fit of excitement (wedding obsessed!). The service was beautiful, perfectly fitting for a beautiful bride and her suprisingly calm husband to be. I didn't want to write too much about the wedding or include pictures of them and their family, mainly because i think its a very personal affair and i don't personally know them well enough to be splashing pictures of them across the internet. Instead a more selfish post about us as a family.

Having a reason to get dressed up and go all out doesn't happen that often, in fact its been 2 years since the last time so being able to go out as a family, dressed nice with the inevitable chance of dancing was very exciting. I don't need an excuse to get matching outfits with the boys, i love it when we dress the same its adorable, the boys think its great when we all wear our matching Batman t-shirts but being able to go out and buy them something swanky that matched was great, I'm a bit of a Ralph Lauren geek so it seemed fitting to dress the two mini me's like... me.

Although my two classy dressed boys were reason enough to get writing, Mrs M most definitely gave me the motivation to get typing even if at the moment i saw her ready to go out she left me breathless. I always feel so lucky to have her on my arm but this evening she looked especially stunning and it made me fall in love with her all over again. Although if I'm completely honest this is a feeling i get most days. 

Nobody, including Mrs M will ever fully understand the love and appreciation i have for these three very special people, they make me the man i am today and i am truly grateful for them being part of my life.

All glammed up, we had an amazing time. The boys danced their little socks off while me and Mrs M got the chance to hold each other on the dance floor and publicly show how we feel about each other to our friends which doesn't happen much. It was a lovely change and has also made us realise how much we needed to make some time for us when Opeie is a little older. When you have children its so easy to let your own relationship take a backseat and although we do make so much effort with each other, it will be nice at some point soon for us to be able to have some time to ourselves (when were ready to leave the boys with family anyway).

Having such a great family evening out has got us already searching for that next big event to get dolled up and Myself and Mrs M hoping for another chance to dance soon (somewhere that isnt our lounge when the boys are in bed).

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