Friday, 18 October 2013

"Software download complete, all systems have been fully integrated"

Myself and Mrs M have a very special connection. It's something I have never experienced before and have never even come close to feeling. It sounds cheesy but I really feel like she completes me. We finish each others sentences, we answer questions that haven't even been asked yet and we can both be in hysterics over nothing yet were both laughing about the same nothing. We have crazy nights where (to an outsider) we act like morons, wrestling and playing pranks on each other and we have nights where we put on music when the boys are on bed and just dance for an hour or so. It's like we are one person.

The reason for this post is it seems that because of Opeie myself and Mrs M have finally been fully integrated into one system. To Opeie no longer are we mommy and daddy, he has now taken to calling us both 'Dammy'. We're not sure why but we don't need to question it, its cute. Maybe in his eyes we have reached the celebrity super couple status much like 'Brangelina', either way its another of Opeie's cute new things that obviously needed to be noted.

I like to think that it's because even at 2 he can see the amazing connection and the love that we have for each other and it's his way of expressing this.

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