Monday, 28 October 2013

'There aren't enough days in the weekend!'

Its been an eventful weekend and although we have done a few things that i could happily write about on seperate posts, i feel exhausted and want to curl up in bed. On friday night my friend Lucie sent me a message to let me know there was a vegan festival on in Wolverhampton, so i mentioned it to Mrs M and we decided to go. We knew that the first mention of Wolverhampton, the boys would want to go to the art gallery. The vegan festival was great, there was loads of great food and new products for Opeie and his collection of allergies.

The festival was pretty busy and when you have young children these sort of events can be a little boring for them so i took them to the art gallery while Mrs M chatted with the people on the stalls, took some photos and did a bit of research for her blog. Mrs M soon caught up with us though.

We were really excited to see that the Ron Mueck exhibition was still on as Mrs M had missed it a few weeks back when i took the boys. I was really glad i got to see the exhibition again the pieces are breath taking. The boys really love the 'Wild Man' and seeing the exhibition again has made me want to see more of his work.

 We had plans for the evening but unfortunately we had to change them due to confusion with times but we got to see auntie Lottie in her new house which was great. The boys were shattered by the time we got home so bed time was inevitable. 

Clearly i must have been a good boy yesterday because today Mrs M brought me breakfast in bed which was amazing and certainly woke me up nicely. Seth was feeling in a Lego mood and wanted to make something Halloween themed so we had a quick building session while Mrs M worked on some things blog related (all will be revealed very soon).

The afternoon was taken up by blog related work and cleaning the house, we're due a serious de-cluttering session so i looked for things to get rid of while i cleaned up, it amazes me how much 'stuff' we have crammed in to this house. at 6 o'clock we decided we were heading out despite the cold weather and crazy winds. A friend of ours had posted some pictures online of the Enchanted City event going on in Wolverhampton and it was still going tonight so we wrapped up nice and warm and jumped in the car, i wasn't sure it was the best idea because of a tired Opeie but we had a great time.

There was a street party with live music, a fire pit with lit torches and the side of Barclays bank along with other buildings in the town had been transformed by amazing light shows.


We got to see an old friend which was great too who has opened a shop in the town called 'Shop in the square' a quaint shop full of kitsch items showcasing some of the best local hand crafted items and helping new businesses get their products on to the high street.

It was soon starting to get a little nippy so we went looking for warm drinks, it was getting on a bit and because of Opeie having quite an early nap today he was getting pretty tired and grumpy to go with it. There was a fireworks display to end the night but as that was and hour and a half on we thought it best to get the boys home and tucked up in bed.

We all had such a great weekend but as usual it went so quickly, its great to know that its half term this week though so we can squeeze some fun things in to the week. Stay tuned for Halloween craft and our usual adventures.

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The Beesley Buzz said...

wow - what a jam packed weekend. Totally agree there are not enough days in the weekend. I think whoever invented weekends missed a trick really - a 3 day weekend would be much better! xxx

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