Saturday, 23 November 2013

Gifts from the Pirates in Orlando - Islands of adventure / Seuss Landing

Clever words from a man who's words are slowly helping with the shaping of my boys development. When the holiday was booked and dates were set I think we all had the initial favourite thing to look forward to. For me and Mrs M (and Opeie when he saw it) it was Seuss Landing, I was going to write a post about Islands of adventure but as the park is all about my two big loves for us, Dr. Seuss and Marvel i thought i would write seperate posts. The last time we were here Opeie was to young to understand where he was, I had not introduced him to the books at that point but Seth had been read a few, he was all about Mrs M's Miffy books though. Since that holiday Opeie has become a Dr. Seuss addict so we were really looking forward to his reaction when he saw the Dr. Seuss themed park. We all wore Grinch T-shirts for the big day because.... well we're all big kids at heart.

So when we arrived at Islands of adventure we headed straight for Seuss Landing. Because we had been there before we knew where everything was but these parks are huge so it would help to find out information, maps etc before going. All the information you need can be found at It seems that 'Hogwarts' is still the main attraction and a good percentage of the people flock there first, so if your not a Harry potter fan it's the perfect time to get on the other rides. Opeie had been a little grumpy due to getting over a cold me and him had brought with us so he needed some cheering up. I wish I had caught his initial expression on camera, he was so excited. Seuss landing for me is the best thing about the parks in Orlando. Everywhere you turn there is bright colours and the park is filled with all of Opeie's favourite book characters.

For weeks Opeie has been watching a video on YouTube of the Seuss live 'Oh! the stories you'll hear!' show, so after going on the cat in the hat ride (which was awesome), we headed to the stage next door. The show was around 15mins long and was amazing I literally welled up at how excited Opeie got seeing his beloved Lorax dancing around on stage. After the show there was a meet and greet where we got to rub shoulders with the characters from Opeie's favourite books.

Mrs M tried desperately to walk off with the Lorax (and we almost got him), sadly his security were not having any of it. Mrs M settled for a cuddle though and she was going on about him all day. Ive since offered to dye my mustache yellow but she didn't seem that in to it.

After meeting the characters we joined the queue for the 'one fish two fish red fish blue fish' ride. The chap that was manning the ride was great, he had retired from his job early so that he could come and work at Seuss landing and his favourite Dr. Seuss book was 'And to think that i saw it on Mulberry Street'.

The Seuss shops are great as getting hold of many of the books for our collection had been a pain, so  we took full advantage. Plus there was loads of other great Seuss products to buy (which i will write about seperately). It's handy to know that they have a free service at the park, rather than carry the things you have brought around all day there is the option of having your items sent to a pick up point at the front of the park which you can just collect on the way out.

We added a few new titles to our ever growing Seuss collection...

 Although we didn't eat at the park because no where was able to cater for us and our dietry needs it was still great to see that the restaurants were in keeping with the theme of the park. I know from our trip last year that they do actually serve Green Eggs and Ham.

 And those trees, those trees, those Truffula tree's. Since booking the holiday id been searching for tree's such as these. The whole park is amazing and i couldn't tell you out of the four of us who was most excited about being there.

Theodor Geisel was a truly amazing writer and his books although loved by myself for many years have given me and Opeie something very special that we can look back on and smile. I spend a lot of time with Opeie on my knee reading his books and I adore the fact that his books have very important messages as well as crazy made up words and amazing illustration.

Although we wanted to we didn't get a chance to go back to Seuss landing, i could have happily gone back a few times but we had so much to do. For me it will always be my favourite part of visiting Orlando. It's a special place for me and Opeie i am sure in the future will will visit there many more times. As i started with some Seussian words of wisdom I will finish the post with some too...


The Beesley Buzz said...

Looks amazing! Fab photos! I got excited yesterday as I found a Dr Seuss book for xmas for T in an Oxfam bookshop. She loves the one you gave her so much that it was great to find another addition to it. xxx

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Excellent, which book did you find? We've found a fair few of ours in charity shops, I got one a few weeks back for 2p!!! I'm really glad she likes the book, his books are the best xxx

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