Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Gifts from the Pirates in Orlando - Pirates Cove Adventure Golf

While working with Visit Orlando we have been lucky enough to have the chance to go to many of the attractions that we missed last time we were in Orlando. Travelling around on the iDrive Trolley last year we spotted plenty of places that we were interested in going to but never got round to it as we had so much planned. Wherever we went on the iDrive we always passed Pirates Cove Adventure Golf and having the car this time round makes all these places easily accessible, so today we ventured that way to try our luck at 18 holes of pirate crazygolfness (ridiculous wording I know).

We picked our clubs and balls and headed to the course, We were on Blackbeards challenge course but there is also the captains challenge and the 36 hole adventure if you have a little more time on your hands. I wasn't sure what the boys would think of crazy golf and whether they would lose interest quickly but they were entertained till the plank walking end. The putting greens were child friendly and were great fun for all the family

Opeie took it upon himself to try hitting everyone's balls in as clearly one go per course wasn't going to get him to the Tiger Woods level he was aiming for. There was plenty of variety, putting greens where you had to hit your ball hard over a stream, putting in the dark, spooky pirate caves and holes that take your balls to other greens below. It was a great way to spend an hour between other activities

There was plenty of places to bulk out your family holiday photo collection which is always great. The 18 hole course should take 45 minutes to complete but what was great was there was no one pushing you along, you could take as much time as you like. Orlando has so many golf courses and mini golf etc but this one (being Pirates ourselves) really stuck out for us.

While playing, our mini Tiger woods, fed up with carrying his ball around found a very clever use for his Trunki Gruffalo chums little mouse wrist purse, very clever...

Soon our game had come to an end and we were all hot and sweaty from the heat, Seth was the winner although in this picture I think Opeie assumed that he was top dog...

 The pirate queen, unhappy by the outcome of the game decided to put her crew in the stocks while she had a well-deserved mermaid style relax in a shell.

At the end of the game the boys were given a pirate hat, eye patch and pirate figure which I thought was a nice touch and then it was time to set sail for our next adventure, what lands would we conquer next?? Yaaaaaar!!!

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