Wednesday, 27 November 2013

"Life's like a play: it's not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters."

Brushing teeth in our house has turned into a low budget theatre production. Every day without fail we have to get in to character and go through the script all because Opeie HATES brushing his teeth. Firstly We have to light a candle and then Mrs M takes the stage as the Onceler (from The Lorax), Opeie sits on my knee and we ask the Onceler what he wants? clean teeth of course! Mrs M then slowly creeps in to the room holding the candle while I say "quick clean your teeth before the Onceler gets here, he doesn't like dirty teeth" while all this is going on Seth has to pretend that he's going to blow the candle out before Opeie while Opeie attempts to shout "stop Seth!" With a mouth full of brush and paste, it's quite the theatrical extravaganza. The whole scenario is over when Opeie blows out the candle with his fresh minty breath.

This little dental acting workshop doesn't always work though and then we're left playing good cop bad cop. I have to come across a little more forceful with Opeie having to brush his teeth while Mrs M speaks calm and softly, forcing Opeie to not want me to brush his teeth and let Mrs M in. "Do you want mommy to brush your teeth?.... Or DADDY!!

It's so difficult to explain the importance of good dental hygiene to a two year old but having mistreated my own teeth over the years (which I'm now paying the price for) it's an important lesson that needs to be taught. As for the amateur dramatics, I love all the little quirky things we do as a family and hopefully this is something that Opeie can look back on and chuckle.

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