Saturday, 2 November 2013

"Science does not know its debt to imagination."

Our big boy has turned 7 yesterday, I don't know where the time has gone. He was 3 when I first met him and from our first meeting I was smitten. It is amazing to know that I have been a huge part of Seth's life for over half of his life, we have such a great relationship and I couldn't ask for a kinder,more loving son. Over the years I have watched him blossom into a very intelligent young man, he is forever asking questions and he soaks up information. Seth loves to learn and because of this most of his presents were science related which i think is great. As he has been off for half term we thought we would give him a couple of his presents early so that he could have some time to get full use of them. He's a bit of a science buff and loves doing experiments wherever he can. He loves that through science there are concrete answers to life's big questions like 'how did we get here?'. Although Seth goes to a C of E school he makes it quite clear to everyone around him "I believe in science".

When we got home from popping out a few days back there was a present on the floor waiting for him. We explained it was an early birthday present and he excitedly tore it open. A lab coat!! Not the sort of thing most children would be excited about but Seth was over the moon. Well our mini Newton had the get up, it's only fair he had an experimental catwalk to use it on so when he waked into the lounge he noticed another much larger gift waiting for him. Seth stood there open mouthed and speechless for a second, his expression was priceless. He had been going on for months about what he would do if he had a microscope. We didn't want to buy him a child's 'my first microscope' as we thought an actual lab unit would benefit him so much more. so after much looking about we tracked down one that we thought would be perfect, Seth was in his element.

After draining Mrs M of her blood, stripping her brush of unwanted hair, skinning an onion and rehoming a dead spider I found on a window ledge we were ready to conduct our experiments. It's been pretty much like that every day since. To add to his scientific week off our good friend Chris brought Seth a forensics kit made by Scotland Yard and an explosion experiments kit which we have taken full advantage of today. It's great to see Seth so passionate about something and its something we will fully support him with.

Seth was so excited about being able to spend his birthday sectioning off parts of the house and dusting for prints, it's like CSI Shropshire. I'm going to have to research some more fun experiments now so be sure to stay tuned.

Happy birthday professor, you truly are a remarkable boy and me and mommy are so in love with you. We're really proud of the way you are turning out.

I've just got to be careful of what I get up to in the house now, it seems that both my finger prints and DNA are on file!

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