Monday, 31 March 2014

"The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance."

Opeie's birthday has just passed but as Seth's operation on Friday fell on Opeie's big day we decided to delay his birthday celebrations for a while, it seemed like the right thing to do seeing as we could no longer go ahead with our Brighton plans. We had aimed for maybe 3 weeks time but as Seth was home Saturday morning and surprisingly looking like he had been for a sleep over at a friends house rather than a night in hospital after an Op we decided to take auntie Lottie up on her offer of coming over to hers. She had birthday presents for Opeie and presents for Seth for being brave and she really wanted to see the boys

As we we're driving over me and Mrs M were talking and decided as everything seemed calm and everyone was happy we would celebrate opeies birthday today. As we hadn't planned this though we were really unorganised, we'd only got Opeie a couple of presents and had nothing in the way of cake, decorations and general birthday fun.

By the time we got home at 4:30 it was all systems go and while Mrs M sorted tea I hit the shops looking for the toys i knew we were getting him and balloons and decorations. Come 9pm the boys were flat out and Mrs M did her usual 'I'm knackered and want to go to bed' trick on the eve of a birthday, I was expecting it though as she had had a pretty tough night on the ward with Seth. So while they all slept peacefully I went into super dad/birthday organiser mode, tidying up, wrapping presents, decorating the house and blowing up balloons. I had packed away the cat in the hat bunting we had made last year so that came out and made it's second yearly appearance. I was planning on making some more but I had to finish a card I was making for Mrs M for mothers day.

 I managed to get everything sorted by just after midnight but sadly my lurgy which I haven't been able to shift for a few weeks had come out full force so I ended up sitting up all night, hurrah.

When the troops woke up Opeie was excited to see balloons everywhere and a pile of presents and cards ready for his full attention. It was a lovely relaxing morning with my three favourite people. Plenty of new Lego, lots of big smiles and that amazing proud feeling of fulfillment that you get as a doting father seeing his family happy.

It's crazy to think that those three years of Opeie's life have gone by so fast but the love and experience I have received over this three years have made me more than prepared for the coming years. I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

Happy birthday Opeie when you read this back in years to come I hope you realise just how in love with you we all are.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

Happy Birthday Opeie! You must have been exhausted! Hope you're feeling better now. If you do get to do your 'Brighton' plans whatever they are - make sure you let us know as we are near(ish) to Brighton and could arrange to see you even if it is only for a short while! x

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