Thursday, 17 April 2014

"Absorbant and yellow and porous is he "

Sometimes I really dislike giving the boys the option of what they want to spend their money on when we're in the toy shop, not because they want rubbish or because I need to be in control of every choice they make but playing with them all day I know which toys are going to get the attention they deserve and which will be inevitably shoved into a corner and forgotten about.

Last week Opeie had some birthday money to spend and while in Smyths he decided he wanted a big Spongebob play set. I knew from the start this was going to end up being one of those obsolete toys picking up dust on a shelf or disappearing into one of the boxes in the boys bookcase. I managed to avoid the purchase of said toy but a few days later we popped into the entertainer and I asked Opeie what he wanted "hmmmm.... Spongebob imaginext hehehe" is the response I got.

I did debate just letting him have it but then I remembered his Jake and the neverland pirates toys that live on the corner of the room so I guided Opeie towards the Spongebob Lego instead thinking 'well at least we can put it to good use once he's bored of it' plus it's no secret that we LOVE Lego mainly due to its versitility. He took the bait and chose the Flying Dutchman set. 

Lego is marketed so well, with such an amazing choice of themes and kits each purchase spurs on a want for more. Which sadly can work out quite expensive and this Lego purchase was no different. The Flying Dutchman and his Ship came with Spongebob and Patrick and Opeie wanted a pirate ship for them so they could battle. I think when it comes to kits the instructions are a little overlooked, they are a great resource for ideas.

If your not the creative type but you do have the patience to rummage through your existing Lego then you may just be able to come up with something using your instructions. We're creative and I honestly think I could build anything with the right amount of bricks but for the sake of experiment I went rummaging and created Spongebob a ship using Lego's directions.

It worked out really well and a little patience searching for pieces = one very excited little chap plus it saved us the cost of an extra kit. I've said it many many times, there really is no toy like Lego it shapes so much of my play time with the boys and is building a strong and creative relationship.

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