Sunday, 29 June 2014

"Love is a positive, symbiotic, reciprocal flow between two or more entities."

Recently I have found myself in even more awe of that beautiful lady that I devote myself to. Unlike me, Mrs M decides what she wants from life and takes it, no messing around. It truly is amazing to watch. I'm a lot more reserved than Mrs M, less motivated financially and seriously afraid of rejection. I don't see it as a flaw though. My motivation comes out with the boys making our parenting relationship the perfect combination.

Recently Mrs M has been working so hard to secure us a better life and although we have had limited 'us time' over the last few months it has paid off and she has earned every bit of good fortune that has come her way. I'm so proud of her but also a little jealous of what she has achieved. Sometimes I wish I had a little more drive when it came to those sort of things but then at this point in our relationship and parenting lives our family life wouldn't work so as always i am happily embracing our situation.

There's been some serious adapting over the last few months but as always we have done everything we can to make things easier for each other, I think we have our symbiotic relationship down to a T and i wouldn't change it for anything. I will always be so greatful of Mrs M giving me the chance to be a stay at home dad and live the dream Ive had since i was 16. It's what I always wanted and is amazing to know that she fully backs up my way of parenting.

Being in a relationship where you put each other first every chance, you can really makes the difference. I would never take for granted what we have, meeting Mrs M when I did really changed my life and I always feel like that is where my life truly began. This journey in to parenthood has been an amazing one and having that beautiful sidekick of mine (or is it me that's her Robin?) is an amazing experience. She may be a little Unhinged at times, with her own style of interpretive dance, and all that biting (maybe that's for another post!) but she will always be the other half of me, and without her I wouldn't be the man, or father I am today.

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