Friday, 26 September 2014

"This is Major Tom to Ground Control I'm stepping through the door And I'm floating in a most peculiar way And the stars look very different today."

It's been a year since our good friend Chris' Muppets birthday party and this year he threw a couple of ideas our way for how he would like to celebrate his birthday with us. The space centre in Leicester was the place that stuck out straight away and as always we were excited about spending time with him and the lovely Katie. We did our usual 'Lets meet at 10' followed by 'shall we make that 11?' followed by 'better say 11:30 just to be on the safe side'. These sort of things never go smoothly with children. Surprise Surprise though Chris and Katie (with no child baggage) did their usual and managed to arrive after us. Tut tut guys!

The drive down went a lot quicker than I expected and i only took a couple of short wrong turns so a smooth journey which was great. When we arrived we made our way in and waited for the slackers to arrive...

As we entered the building the geek in me said "i bet they sell LEGO in the gift shop" and i was so right, LEGO is everywhere, attempting world domination.

Now ill be honest i love the whole Sci-Fi side of this sort of thing but I'm one of those wierdo's that is sceptical about the moon landing, actually there are no reservations, i don't believe it happened. Never the less it was an interesting place to visit (the space center that is, not the moon).

There are loads of mini activities to do while you are there, knobs to turn and levers to pull which was great for the boys. Its a real interactive experience. Seth even got to read the weather and then watch himself on TV which i thought was great. What made me chuckle though was Seth reading the autocue "Hello I'm (your name)"... so cute.

My favourite part of the visit was the Planetarium, we had visited the one at Think tank in Birmingham a few months back and i wasn't impressed but this one was amazing and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. After the show though it was back to the other space themed activities. After taking part in a test it turns out that apparently space travel wouldn't make me nautious (handy to know), but I'm not sure i could stomach space cuisine for a long period of time (I'd love to try it though).

I was really excited about including our friend Katie in the post more and i'm kicking myself for not taking the camera with us and relying on my phone because a lot of the pictures turned out blurry, nightmare. Towards the end of the visit we made our way to the big glass lift, It was clear as soon as she saw it that because of her fear of heights Mrs M would not be joining us for that part of the fun so we headed up without her

The upper levels were like a time capsule of cool stuff and information, there was a time line including two of our favourite things, LEGO and Marvel, Guess who with Astronauts and Opeie got to make a few calls from a vintage lounge, of course as always, when Opeie is making a phone call its always to nanny Roo.

Before we knew it it was almost closing time. The time flew by and we had loads of fun, Although it isnt advertised clearly inside, what i did think was great is that when purchasing tickets if you are a tax payer and go for the Gift Aid option they sticker your ticket so that it becomes a free years pass. Definitely worth the visit for that alone.

Happy birthday Bromance, as always we had an awesome day with you and we look forward to seeing you again soon xx

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Chris said...

Thanks for writing this up, we had a great time and were so pleased to spend our time with you all!!

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