Monday, 6 October 2014

"To give somebody your time is the biggest gift you can give."

I love Mrs M's birthday, not that we need an excuse to make a fuss of her. I like to think she's treated like a princess all of the time, we adore her. I love it because the boys get so excited, I suspect it's all the secrecy, hiding presents, secret craft sessions and making plans that only we know about. Sadly Mrs M had to work this year but we used that to our advantage. The boys woke her up with gifts, cards and of course kisses, cuddles and a happy birthday sing song. Opeie had insisted that as part of her gifts Mrs M wanted a Little mermaid LEGO kit, so that kept her occupied before heading out.

As soon as we had dropped her off though we sprang in to birthday celebration mode and began work on a birthday banner for when she came home. She was feeling a little down about having to go in so I wanted us to make lots of effort to have the house looking like it was a big occasion.

The boys helped me put up bunting and balloons before school, the house was looking ready for the return of our very special guest. By the time I picked Seth up from school he was still in a 'let's decorate for mommies birthday' kind of mood so we put our thinking caps on.

Seth wanted to decorate the outside of the house so I found out the chalks and we set to work colouring the path and walls of the house making it very clear how we felt about that amazing lady that looks after us three boys.

Mrs M loved what the boys had done and was even more happy when she got inside. We sat down and had a lovely tea with lots of laughs, It was a great evening and Mrs M was really happy which is all we could ask for. Of course you can't have a birthday without cake and Mrs M was excited when we came in singing happy birthday with a tasty chocolate cake, a perfect end to our birthday celebrations.

Now to start thinking about Seth's birthday celebrations.

Happy birthday Mrs M, we are so lucky to have you taking care of us. You are my world xxx

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