Monday, 3 November 2014

"A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present."

Don't you just hate that guilty feeling when you almost miss an important birthday?! I'm usually quite switched on with things like that but as I lay on the sofa this afternoon having a cuddle with Opeie he casually informed me that it was the Cat in the hats birthday and we needed to throw him a party (clearly I went in to panic mode). He continued to inform me that the cat in the hat was still in bed and hadn't woken up yet (phew we still had time to get prepared).

So Opeie sorted out a pile of presents and I grabbed paper and scissors. Maybe we could organise all the birthday celebrations before the birthday boy woke up? It was going to be cutting it fine but I'm sure with a little team work we could do it. Opeie explained that the cat in the hat was a massive toy story fan so finding suitable presents was easy.

With presents wrapped it was almost time to wake up our special guest. Luckily we still had bunting and balloons from Mrs M's birthday (we love having decorations up haha) so we were good to go.

I suspect that the Cat in the Hat's birthday idea was all about Opeie being able to help open the gifts, he really loves unwrapping things, Mrs M barely got a look in on her birthday, Opeie was waiting close by to dig his fingers in the wrapping paper. 

The Cat in the hat loved his Toy Story toys and we had a fun little unexpected party, there's no surprise that two days later it was Spider-man's Birthday too. I guess its party season in the Gifts from the Pirates household, not that I'm complaining.

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