Sunday, 4 January 2015

"The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it."

Because of bad relationships with my extended family and the fact that I have been let down by many close friends in the past, for years I have found it really difficult to trust people, making it extremely difficult to form friendships with strangers and let them in to my/our life. Despite my past relationships and the effect they have had, for some reason in 2014 something changed. I lowered my defenses and have ended up meeting some great people who I would go out of my way to help and who have been there for us when we have needed if the most.

Now i have always been the kind of friend that goes above and beyond to help out the people around me and i have always made a lot of effort to show my appreciation to the people i call friends. Making personal gifts for people i care about has always been a big thing (remember the wedding gift?), this Christmas though i was blown away by a very unexpected gift given to me by my great friend Steve. We met this year while LEGO shopping with Mrs M and the boys and our joint admiration for those amazing bricks started an awesome friendship.

A few days before Christmas day Steve text and asked if i could pop over to pick up a gift, which i did and as i drove back home with it looking very intriguing on the passenger seat i couldn't wait to get it home and see what was inside. Clearly it was LEGO, when you have brought as many kits as we have over the years you know that when shaking the box there is no other sound like it, but i really wasn't prepared for what was inside.

I got home and took the gift straight up to the boys room, it was addressed to us as a family after all and i needed my LEGO building team to help with whatever was inside. As we opened up the package all of our faces lit up and i let out an "Oh my gosh!". Inside was a custom LEGO kit made for us and featuring our minifigure family. The box had been printed as if this kit was another release from LEGO and the detail on the box was awesome. Id never had a gift quite like it and i was so overwhelmed that it brought a tear of excitement to my eye (new LEGO gets me emotional).

Kit number 241214 - A very Saucil Christmas, one of a kind and to be fair a gift that completely blew me away. All four of us as minifigures and even Polly was included in the festive kit which came with everything we needed for a Christmassy family scene. A sofa to lounge on for me and Mrs M in front of a toasty fire and then trains to build for the boys a long with a selection of unopened gifts from Santa. The kit even came with pieces printed like mini LEGO kits, it was truly amazing. It was one of those gifts that you just cant stop looking at. The detail on the packaging was so awesome that part of me didn't want to open it. But of course i did and me and the boys sat down together to build. Inside the box i was even more impressed when i reached in and pulled out and instruction manual to accompany this truly amazing gift.

I have been so lucky this past year to have written many reviews for LEGO but to have a kit made especially for us really blew me away and is a gift i will cherish. It has now got me thinking of how i am going to display this very kind and creative present as its something i want on show in the house. I feel so lucky for all the great people we have met this year and they have done so much more for me than they could every imagine. These kind and thoughtful people have really brought me back out of my defensive shell. Although at times i still feel a little vulnerable i know that now i am surrounded by great friends.

I know at some point you will get round to reading this Steve so i just want to say again, it has been a pleasure meeting you and your family this year and we look forward to plenty of LEGO related fun to have in 2015.

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