Sunday, 8 March 2015

"It is the childlike mind that finds the kingdom."

Last weekend we were stumped at what to do to entertain the boys. Mrs M had been working away Friday and didn't get back till late and had some away days planned in the weeks following so we wanted to make the most of the time together. We toyed with a night away somewhere and York was looking like a great idea. As i have had barely any sleep recently due to Opeie's erratic sleep routine though i didn't really fancy a really long drive like that in fear of falling asleep at the wheel.

We both looked for places to go and eventually came to Warwick castle, i thought i had been there as a child (turns out i hadn't) but was up for giving it a try. I was a little shocked that Mrs M was interested as the towers are quite high and shes not great with heights but i knew the boys would have a great time so we packed up all the swords i could find in their room to take with us and we jumped in the car.

We got there in no time which was great, the weather wasn't looking like it was going to play ball but we were confident it was going to stay dry for us (at least until the journey home).

Being a family blogger It really makes the difference when we have days out that are great for taking photo's. An interesting backdrop is so handy when writing and there's no shortage at Warwick castle.

Seth is really interested in Knights, castles and anything historical and medieval. Opeie is quite content wielding a sword and trying to battle anyone that crosses his path so it was a good mix. The main building had been set up for a wedding later in the day and I can see why, if you were in to that sort of thing, you would choose to have your special day there. I love looking at armour and old weaponry and the display in the main room was quite elegant.

The wax works dotted about where great and gave a softer touch to all the battle gear in the main hall. Mrs M thought they were actors which made us all chuckle.

I probably should have been concentrating on talking to the boys about historical things etc but being the childish guy i am i used some of the time to take immature selfies while no one was looking.

 The afternoon was broken up by a game of poker with the lads. For a group of well respected gentlemen they were a right blood bunch of cheaters.

Seth was desperate to scale the castle walls and climb up the towers but we had to go up without Mrs M, her fear of heights mixed with the cold, strong winds  was a clear indication for her that her feet would be staying permanently in the ground. The views were amazing and the boys loved every minute of it.

Lunch time! Unfortunately like pretty much everywhere else we visit, Warwick castle doesn't cater for all of our dietary needs. So we went hunting for somewhere to eat. Then with our tummies full and feeling satisfied we headed back to the castle.

We managed to get Mrs M high up eventually when we found a way up without steps. It was a pretty cold day and extremely windy, she was really stressing out about Opeie being on my shoulders despite the fact it was perfectly safe (cue sad faces!).

We all had a great time at the castle and it was lovely to make the most of the time we have together. Seth was eventually starting to get tired so I put him on my shoulders and carried him back to the car, man he weighs a ton.

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