Friday, 9 September 2016

"I really like feeling connected to people and feeling like I have a good, solid sense of empathy."

Day 2 of the worst jet lag I have ever experienced is coming to a close and I am hoping that tomorrow morning I will be feeling human again. The quietness on the blog (if you haven't guessed it already) is because we have been away for the past two weeks and it has been the most amazing time together. Having Mrs M off work and Seth with us for two and a half weeks has been complete bliss and we have embraced every moment that we have had together as a family. As we were working with Visit Orlando while we were away, it has left me with a huge amount of posts to write which will be coming your way as soon as I shake off this horrible feeling that my body is completely out of sync (fingers crossed tomorrow).

A 9-hour, long haul flight followed by a 4-hour drive is going to knock anyone about but what has been keeping me sane for the last 48 hours is those awesome memories of all of the family fun we have had together. The great thing about going away and spending time with the people that you adore most is that everything seems to realign and that relaxed content state makes everything in life much clearer. All those endless guilty parenting and relationship feelings that I have daily like 'am I doing enough for the boys' and is 'Mrs M as happy as I am' disappeared and any uncertainties about other parts of my life that had been troubling me, instantly became irrelevant and simply faded away. 

The thing that had the biggest impact on me though was Mrs M. Without the stress of her work and all the things she does to look after us financially (which is a lot), we were able to spend quality time with each other and find our way back to really happy times. I don't by any means feel that either of us was unhappy, but when one parent is working full-time (often away) and putting a lot of effort into that work and the other is concentrating solely on the children and a happy home life for everyone, sometimes it feels like we pass like ships in the night. The holiday has made me realise that we need to make time for us as the time away made me feel like the early days of this amazing relationship.

Anyway jet lag rambling over. I'm exhausted and for once 9:30pm seems way past my bed time. The holiday posts are coming folks so brace yourself!


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