Sunday, 25 September 2016

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

As a family that loves to read, we do everything we can to motivate the boys to better their reading skills. Because of this, characters from stories and certain authors have become very special to the boys and an ongoing part of our lives. While visiting the greatest family tourist destination in the world, it's awesome to be able to fully submerge ourselves in the books that we adore and feel part of the stories and characters that have had a huge impact on our families development. Dr. Seuss was huge for me growing up, not at Opeie's age unfortunately, I was much older when I first read his amazing stories, but it was something I wanted to share with Opeie early on. We own a huge collection of his books and I've loved reading them to the boys. It's lovely now though that Opeie is reading them back to me and I'm falling in love with the stories all over again. Seuss landing takes us right into those stories and being able to meet the characters at Islands of adventure is a great addition to the park visit and probably Mrs M's favourite part of the holiday (she loves the Lorax).

It's been a while since I read an actual book but I squeeze a comic or graphic novel in where I can. Marvel was my big love from very early on and characters like Spider-man and the Avengers took up a huge chunk of my 'quiet time'. Reading comics is something that I've passed on to Seth now and I can't wait until he gets into some of the great comic runs that I have adored over the years. Super hero island is an awesome place for photos and with heroes and villains out in the street happy to pose for pictures, it's super hero heaven.  The last time we came to Orlando Seth was unfortunately too short for the hulk roller coaster and Opeie was far too young for the Spider-man ride but this time round, height wasn't an issue and they both got to enjoy the rides they had missed out on. Seth and I also took a ride on Dr. Dooms tower of doom which totally took me by surprise and had me feeling a little nauseous haha. While Seth and I made the most of riding the bigger rides , Mrs M took Opeie investigating and Opeie spotted some Super heroins that he could bat his eyelashes at.

The other huge hero from the books we love is obviously Harry Potter, who didn't get the attention he deserved during our last visit. Seth was too young for reading the books and neither of them had watched any of the movies. I was a big fan of Harry Potter at the time and was excited about visiting Hogsmeade, sadly, when you have a none interested 5-year-old and a breastfeeding 2-year-old though, you don't generally get to do the things that you want to do.  Seth is reading the Order of the phoenix now for his school reading and both boys watched all the movies on the build up to the holiday so you can imagine the excitement when we finally did arrive at Hogsmeade. Despite the long queuing time (which your mind is cleverly taken away from with so much going on), for me and Seth the Hogwarts ride was the best ride of the holiday.

For us as a family, Universal studios/Islands of adventure will always be the ultimate park attraction in Orlando. It has many of the things we love, all together and this amazing theme park reinforces the improtance of reading and the magic that comes with colourful characters we adore.

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