Monday, 26 September 2016

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

One of the Orlando experiences that really had an awesome impact on us as a family and stayed with us for the whole of our first trip there 5 years ago was the Disney breakfast. Being able to go to the Disney boat club to have breakfast with Minnie, Goofy and Donald was a magical experience. When we arranged to visit Orlando the following year it was our first year working with Visit Orlando and as we started organising our itinerary for what ended up being a very busy holiday, we knew that we had to save space for a morning meal with the Disney crew (most important meal of the day don't you know).

This trip was no different. The experience we had the previous two times had us longing for another visit. Our favourite holiday photo from the first visit was at the Disney boat club. The entire surrounding area is beautiful and great for taking photos, as we sat outside the dining area waiting to be called to our table we asked someone if they wouldn't mind taking a photo. It turned out to be a lovely shot and we wanted to recreate it 5 years on.

As Minnie and her friends had not changed their boat club outfits during our three visits to the Disney breakfast, it was great to get pictures of the boys during each time to compare. Sometimes it blows my mind at how quickly the time has gone and at how grown up both the boys are now. It doesn't matter how big they get though. When they see Minnie and her friends they are my little boys all over again, that's the magic of Disney.

The food at the Disney breakfast is lush. The selection (considering it is breakfast) is huge. Despite us not being able to some of the food due to us not eating Meat, Dairy and Gluten etc, what makes the Disney breakfast dining experience stand out above any other place we had eating in Orlando is the extent they go to to make sure there is a great selection of food for you to eat, no matter what dietary issue you have. We were able to request gluten, Dairy free Muffins, and waffles (shaped like Mickey Mouse), and the chefs went above and beyond to make food from the buffet, minus the ingredients we couldn't have, especially for us. The whole experience is magical, exactly what you would expect from Disney.

After eating, there is no rush to leave the boat club area, which I think is great considering we were not Disney guests at the hotel. The manmade beach and huge lake are lovely to walk around and it is so relaxing that you could easily lose a few hours just casually pottering around. The decked are at the edge of the water was on our list of possible wedding venues. A quiet, intimate service, somewhere special to us. I'm still not sure where we will eventually choose though.

Our trip to the Disney boat club was just as special as our first visit. What makes Disney so magical (and Orlando on the whole) is the effort that the staff go to, to make sure that while you are there, you are fully entertained and treated like a VIP, and that you leave the restaurant with a huge smile on your face, eager to visit again.

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