Sunday, 9 October 2016

"I don't want to shop at old lady stores. I don't want to go to J. Jill and Chico's and Ann Taylor."

I love this time of year, everywhere starts to look really beautiful because of all the colours on the trees, the temperature starts to drop just enough to need to wrap up a little, which for me is a plus and as a family, it means we can go hunting for pine cones, conkers, and acorns for various craft activities. Being able to decorate the house for Halloween is always something to look forward to and not long after the decorations come down, the Christmas ones go up meaning the house, looks even more fun for the last few months of the year. October also kicks off Birthday celebration time too, which is a great addition to our autumn fun. Mrs M at the start of October and Seth and the start of November, so as you can image, a really fun build up to Christmas. This year's birthday celebrations are extra special as Mrs M is turning 30 (although she's still trying to convince me that she is 28) and Seth moves into double digits and is a very grown up 10 (time has flown).

I was so excited about Mrs M's birthday, and despite having big plans in my head about how we were going to celebrate her extra special day, she made it very clear early on that she wanted a quiet, low key, relaxing day with her three favourite people. She's very much like me when it comes to birthdays. All she asked was that we go out somewhere nice for a walk and that we did, It was a crisp Sunday morning with a chill in the air but the sun was bright and with us all wearing an extra layer it was the perfect morning for a relaxing birthday stroll.

I'm fully aware every day of how lucky I am! I am in the best place that I have ever been since meeting Mrs M, but days like this when we are all together really reinforce that smitten feeling that I get every morning waking up to the amazing family we have all built together. I loved the content and relaxed look on Mrs M's face all day. Opeie's vegan chocolate rice crispy and marsh mellow cake that he had made all by himself went down a treat and as the sun started to fall we had a visit from Mrs M's folks as she also shares the same birthday with grandad. So we got to celebrate with the other part of our awesome family. 

Now begin the preparations for Seth's big day so that we can have our family celebrations all over again. 

Happy Birthday Mrs M x x x x

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