Sunday, 13 November 2016

"A gender-equal society would be one where the word 'gender' does not exist: where everyone can be themselves."

When did the way we meet people and make friends change? I don't need to explain to Opeie that if people are nice no matter of their race, belief or gender then you should be friends. Life is all about surrounding yourself with people that make you happy (which seems to become harder and harder the older you get). As adults though we often don't do this and there can be many reasons for holding ourselves back. A few months back Mrs M and I were having one of our evening unwind chats and she told me that at times she feels guilty about the amount of men in here life. She has many work related male friends that she goes out to dinner with and male friends that she hangs out with. At the time it seemed crazy that she was saying that and it wasn't until last night that I actually realised why.

Last week while at the library, Opeie and I met a lovely lady called Kate and her daughter Ava, we had a brief chat as we were leaving, about scooters, home schooling and learning to play the Ukulele and I handed her one of my cards. She emailed a few days later and we got chatting, exchanged phone numbers and have been texting for the last few days. It turns out we've got a lot in common, in the things we are interested in and our personal lives regarding our childhood etc.

Last night when everyone was in bed, I decided to have some me time and picked up the Ukulele. Kate text to say 'Hi!' and we ended up chatting until 1am about all sorts of random stuff from our children to the music we love and then onto random things like redecorating our bathrooms with loose change (I think that was the latter part of the evening when I was getting tired). At one point in the conversation we were talking about films (turns out we have a lot of the same taste) and Kate said 'you'll have to come round one night to watch a movie'. I thought, 'that sounds awesome' but, I'm not sure Mrs M would be okay with that (stupid when I think about it now).

As lovely as the conversation was, I ended up going to bed feeling very guilty that I had spent the night chatting to another women that really interested me.

I woke up this morning feeling really angry at myself for feeling that way but understanding the way Mrs M has felt for some time. As I said before, it got me thinking 'when did this all change?'. People really limit themselves by worrying about what partners, friends and family members will think about befriending certain people and it has made me even more aware about teaching the boys to not worry about what people think. I never what them to feel guilty about things like this because we live in a diverse world, and that should be embraced at every opportunity.

It's not every day that I meet someone that I instantly gel with and like many people my age I only have a handful of people that have become really great friends and Kate and her adorable family have definitely been added to that short list. Life is so short, why limit yourself from being around the people that make you Smile?!

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