Wednesday, 23 November 2016

"Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump; you may be freeing him from being a camel."

Saturday presented us with one of those 'I think we have bitten off more than we can chew' moments as we began started work on Seth's Christmas nativity costume. We always make Seth's costumes if we can and we have made some corkers over the years. Mrs and I are most proud of his Mr Twit outfit for world book day a few years back. This time though we were both preparing ourselves for having to let Seth down as the building of the initial frame was working out to be more annoying than we had envisioned.

Like any good team though we soldiered through our concerns and kept out creative flair on the goal. From the look on Seth's face during the first few hours though, I've got a feeling he could smell our fear and was expecting to rock up at school in a bin bag with some fur attached to it!


It really helps when starting a team project if all involved are on the same page and it is one thing that has always worked out for Mrs M and I. We can nearly always see how the other ones mind is working and despite the initial stressed ranting of my adorable mini fascist dictator wannabe, we quickly found our groove and got to work. 

This year Seth is going to be a camel, which is bigger than anything we've made in the past. It needed to be big but light so we built a frame using a long piece of plastic piping from B@Q. Seth didn't look too impressed as we mounted a frame of bent plastic on to him but we had a plan and we were not going to let him down. 


Mrs M made the shape of a head and then I got to work sewing a bottom lip and adding in the eyes, tongue, and ears, while Mrs M and Seth started work on the body. Opeie, desperate to get in on the action and wanting to make his mark early on, started working on the teeth. It was a full on family project and the best way to spend a day in the house with it pouring outside.

With the head practically complete we all clubbed together on the body. Rather than buying a length of fur, Mrs M came up with the idea of using some of those fluffy teddy bear blankets as it worked out cheaper for the amount of material. We used 3 in total. Seth happily sat with his plastic frame on while Mrs M stitched and I went all out with the glue gun. I've really come to love our glue gun over the last few weeks, it has been used for so many craft activities.

By the end of Saturday night we had pretty much completed our camel and he had even been named which we all thought was quite funny. As I fell asleep that night I was feeling pretty chuffed with what we had achieved and I know Mrs M felt the same... night Claud!


Sunday morning was soon upon us and the boys were so excited to see Claud and look over the extra parts that Mrs M and I had done while they were sleeping. We still had some legs to make and loads of accessories to add. This was going to be one fabulous camel. We had toyed with the idea of the hump early on and decided to make Seth's head the hump with a hole cut out for him to look through as Seth was stressing out that the audience were not going to hear his few lines (a true perfectionist). The design was great as it meant Seth could sit there comfortably with it on while we worked on it. The gold medallions and Mrs M's garish but fancy made blanket really made the costume stand out.

Seth being Seth, joked about Claud having some testicles hanging down and me and Mrs M did debate whether to put some on without him realising (for the audience) but of course, we couldn't have possibly done that... could we?

By Sunday afternoon Claude was complete and looking pretty swish, Seth decided to take him for a walk out front and the neighbours were gobsmaked (which was great). Nanny and Auntie Lottie turned up at that point too and asked where we had bought the costume from (which was lovely) and a friend of mine also said.. and I quote "Oh. My. Life. You're all So clever. That is literally the most amazing homemade costume I have ever seen! Hi 5 to you all". Yes I'll take that high 5 thank you.

Tomorrow is the day when Claud makes his way to school and we're going to be really interested to see what the teachers think of our creation.


What started out as a huge stress left till the last minute, turned out to be our favourite costume to date and more importantly gave us some quality family time together on a cold and very wet autumn weekend. 

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