Sunday, 6 November 2016

"The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance."

Meeting Mrs M, has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. At a time when I was feeling very lost and like nothing was really going my way, she illuminated my life and set me on a very different and much more exciting path. What I didn't expect though was how much starting a relationship with someone that already had a family was going to change my world. When I first met Seth I was so nervous, meeting someone that important to the person you have fallen in love with is a huge deal and with Mrs M being the amazing mom that she is, not getting on with him would have been a huge deal breaker.

There really was no need to worry though, Seth and I became friends instantly and I was smitten from the moment he opened his mouth. We all went out for lunch that afternoon and that little tinker thought it was funny to keep asking for excessive amounts of ketchup and laughing every time I got up to fetch more, it was definitely an icebreaker. I wasn't really expecting any sort of connection during our first meet, I mean he was 3, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Something magical happened that day though and we've been best friends ever since. On the way home from lunch Seth requested that I pushed him in his pushchair which felt like quite an honour and as we arrived at Mrs M's house, Seth couldn't wait to show me his wooden trains, So we got down on the floor, emptied out his huge box of trains and built a track that ran all through the house. 

We played with those trains all afternoon and although we both had lots of fun, what always stuck out for me on that perfect afternoon meet up, and what Seth brings up ALOT was him climbing into his empty train box before tidying up and us pretending it was a rocket. He flew around the house for the remainder of the afternoon and Seth laughed the whole time. It was a first meet that couldn't have gone any better. 

It is crazy to think that that was 7 years ago! That little guy changed everything for me. We've been on so many adventures together and have tackled so many projects as a team, it has been amazing. I imagine it could be really difficult in some situations, starting a new relationship and becoming a step parent but for me it has been an amazing experience from day one. I will always treat Seth like he is my son and I think he knows that if he ever needs anything, I will always be there to help him out... because that's what dads do!

Happy 10th Birthday Seth, I'm so proud of everything you do! x

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