Wednesday, 25 January 2017

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."

Yesterday a package arrived from a distant land and as it sat in our hallway all afternoon, Mrs M, Opeie and myself were itching to open it, but we had to wait until Seth was back from school as the contents were something very special for the both of them. Mrs M has made some pretty amazing friends through her job and the ones that the boys and I have met or spoken to, have been truly amazing and lovely people. Back while Mrs M was working away in Amsterdam last year, she was having a pretty rough time as on the day she flew out she became quite ill and had a hectic full week of long hours to get through.

The first couple of days she looked and sounded pretty ill but while she was away something really perked her up. She met a Canadian chap named Mike and they got talking and it turned out that not only did he love hockey, but he also had a very talented son who was a hockey goalie and played for their youth team in Toronto. They talked a lot during her stay there and honestly from what she told me that meeting really helped her through the gruelling week away unwell.

So, the package...

Back in Decemeber, Mike contacted Mrs M to say that he had sent a package for the boys,  when it arrived yesterday we knew that's what it was but I had no idea exactly what was inside. So when Seth walked through the front door last night after Opeie talking about 'the mysterious package' all the way home, I think he had done a pretty good job of getting them both revved up for what was inside.

Now, I've seen the boys excited! we've presented them with some amazing experiences over the years but nothing could have prepared me for the excitement that came from opening the lid of that box. Opeie aptly named it the 'Hockey Hamper'! A hamper filled with all of Mikes sons hockey apparel that he had grown out of including about 10 jerseys, team coats, a varsity jacket and a hockey goalie mask (which Opeie was extremely excited about). It was a Hockey fans dream and the boys were so touched by the whole thing.

Obviously, the unboxing was soon followed by a fashion show, which was then followed by the three of us heading out for a well kitted out game of street hockey

These are two happy looking kids!!!

With Opeie's amazing goalie skills and Seth's sneaky shots, they left me walking in to do the dinner with my tail between my legs. I cannot get enough of playing hockey with these too, it is one of my favourite things to do with them both and I'm really looking forward to a hockey fuelled weekend, weather permitting. Mike if you ever do get to read this you are an extremely kind and wonderful chap and you have made our boys extremely happy with yours and your son's kindness. Hopefully, we can one day repay this amazing gesture.

Game on!


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