Wednesday, 3 May 2017

"What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs"

It has become even more apparent over the last few weeks that when it comes to family decision making I have absolutely no power. When you are as laid back as I am you can't help but end up becoming a massive pushover. A few years back I was doing my best to put my foot down about having a cat and then we found Polly and that was that. My 'I don't want a cat' comments were just laughed off. I inevitably became a huge Polly fan, that grumpy lady has become such a huge part of the family now and although I do still have my moments about cat ownership (I hate litter trays in the house), I do what I always do and let it wash over me.

Which leads us to my current predicament "I don't want a dog!" (That is how my comments are coming across in the house), but 'dogs' is all I've heard about for the last few weeks. Opeie has always loved little dogs but has become a huge dog lover recently and Mrs M has been hounding (hehe) me for quite some time for a new addition to the family.  I'm still quite sure I don't want a dog but nobody really takes me seriously because as Mrs M puts it I'm a big soft bear (or a huge fluffy pushover).

Opeie's new love of dogs has been really good for him though as we have been volunteering at our local dogs home, walking those poor dogs so that they get out of their cages and get some exercise. It has been a really great experience for Opeie (not to mention a great distraction for Mrs M to occasionally pop out on her lunch break) and it has made us realise just how good it would be for him to have a furry best friend. Hilbrae dogs home do such an amazing job of looking after stray and unwanted pets and it's a really lovely feeling to be a small part of the great work that they do.

We've walked some great dogs and it's hard to believe that anyone could turn these lovely pooches away (and trust me that means so much more coming from someone that has been very vocal about not being a dog fan all his life). Volunteering, of course, hasn't helped my predicament but it has been amazing for Opeie, learning about different breeds of dogs, what goes into looking after them and about the amazing work that Hilbrae do. It has given him a lot more of an understanding about what having a pet dog would be like. As expected though, being around all the lovely dogs has changed Opeie and Mrs M's 'if we get a dog' to 'when we get a dog!' and now the hunt is on for the perfect family dog (which I imagine will happen a lot sooner than I am expecting).

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