Monday, 14 October 2019

“What's meant to be will always find a way”

Its crazy how much a view of romantic relationships can change over the years, If I'd have been asked what I wanted 20 years ago I would have said I was looking for something that avoided marriage and kids, 10 years ago I wanted to meet 'the one' and settle down. 2 years ago (after a pretty awful few years) I didn't want to be with anyone full stop and then now, While actively not looking for anything, I find myself a little disorientated by a whirlwind of emotions and at a point where I have no say in the matter because my body seems to have taken the driving seat. It seems that the searching wasn't what I needed, fate had things covered.

Recently I've been completely knocked off my feet by a pretty amazing someone and it has come as a real surprise. I say fate had things covered because the more we talk about our past and the places we've been the more apparent it is that we could have met so many times before this. I like to think that the universe was keeping us apart until we were both ready, and ready we are. It's all been pretty magical since this began and I'm preparing to fully embrace these feelings that are making me smile constantly.

This feels so different, and I definitely need that because my past approach to relationships clearly hasn't worked. Its been a long time since Ive been able to be fully honest about my feelings with anyone but we're on the same page and communication is key. It looks like life is shaping up to have a bit of sunshine, and honestly I feel like the Both of us have definitely been due some of that. 

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