Monday, 2 December 2019

'Happiness comes in waves'

It's so easy during this time of year to shut ourselves away in the warm, but I'm determined to make the most of the last few weeks building up to Christmas. I refuse to let the cold wet weather put me off our random adventures. Over the last few weeks things have been a little rocky, like there has been a dark brooding cloud hanging over us threatening to rain down and because of this the sea has been calling me. Going to the beach seems to centre me and I've been itching to walk barefoot across the sand and stand in the sea. It's so nice to finally be with someone that understands this and loves the coast as much as I do.

Saturday was our day for beach fun and Becci made the decision of where to go for us with Harlech, which was perfect as neither of us had been to the beach there. The drive down was beautiful, cold, but with a low autumn sun desperate to light up our day of adventure. We passed through some quaint villages that we had never been through before, which we have added to our list of places to have a good stomp and the drive around Bala lake was really lovely, it all added to what ended up being the perfect road trip. Opeie as always was excited about going to the seaside... or maybe just the idea of having fish and chips at the beach.

I couldn't wait to get my boots off when we got there and I knew it was going to be cold but wow! after walking along the beach barefoot for half and hour and paddling in the sea I felt like my toes could have actually snapped off. Luckily as responsible adults (apparently) we had loaded more than enough winter clothing to see us through some serious winter weather.

Starting a new relationship and the big changes that come with that havn't been the easiest to navigate through especially merging two families. Trying to be as delicate as possible with all the kids involved is so hard when you are feeling so loved up and just want to dive right in. Opeie has taken the change so well the last couple of weeks though and this weekend I feel like we have all taken a huge step forward. Theres definitely some big changes coming next year and I'm so excited about that. I am absolutely loving finally being fully on the same page as someone I adore.

As soon as the sun had called it quits for the day the temperature seriously dropped so it was time to go hunting for that elusive fish and chips. The drive back (despite not being able to see anything) was lush. I don't know how it could've not been though, with my boy in the back, a hand on my leg on the way home and that smiling face looking at me out the corner of my eye every now and again. An absolutely perfect end to a mini beach adventure that we clearly all needed.

And solely for Opeie's future enjoyment 😜 a recap on what his dad looks like throwing himself down a sand dune (I think I was pretty graceful).

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