Saturday, 4 January 2020

"I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall."

With Christmas finally out the way and Opeie feeling a little more relaxed with the 25th behind him, it was time for us all to start adventuring again, to get us all in a much better head space. We had New Years eve all planned out (which I'll write about next) but we still had the 30th to fill with fun. So we filled the car with blankets and food, packed coats, scarves and woolly hats and headed over to Pistyll Rhaeadr for a good old stomp up the waterfall.

Its Been a while since we last visited and we were looking forward to taking Becci with us this time, she has a bit of a weird fascination with making Boomerang videos of running water (she wasn't going to be disappointed here). It was cold, wet and very muddy but I had the best company and everything is all smiles when we are together. Clearly I got a little lost in that company though as I failed to take an actual picture of the waterfall, but instead ended up with a load of pictures of myself mucking about trying out Instagram worthy poser shots after watching a couple duck facing all over the place.

The afternoon stomp was just what we all needed and Opeie went to sleep a lot more relaxed than he had done for weeks, I think we're all really happy to see the back of Christmas this year.

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