Thursday, 9 July 2020

"It takes a long time to become young."

Day 111:

I woke up today to what I am told is the start of my 3 day birthday celebrations , which began with gifts and breakfast in bed. I then had to put on a blindfold (or corona mask which was very fitting) and get in the car for a surprise day out. I've been so desperate to get my feet in the sea since the start of all this lockdown craziness, In the past if I've every not been feeling myself I've always jumped in the car and driven to Borth so when I realised that's where we were heading I was so excited. The weather wasn't great, but I was pretty confident that it would keep people away and we'd have a nice quite beach to ourselves... we weren't disappointed. 

I could have lay on that beach all day listening to the sea, it put me in such a great headspace after  feeling off for a few days. Even when the boot lock decided to go on the car, nothing was going to ruin our day, Me and Becci went full on team Moonstar and got us home safely. We finished off the first day of celebrations with wine and some painting, it was a day of perfection with those two cuties that always make me feel so smitten.

Turning 40 is already feeling pretty magical.

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