Wednesday 9 March 2022

“Instead of fighting the darkness, you bring in the light.”


Back in 2018 during (what seemed at the time) like a pretty dark part of my life, I wrote a post full of my usual waffle, about what was going on, how I was feeling and how it was all impacting my new life as a single dad. It felt at the time like things were going to completely fall apart, I felt like I was drowning so I concentrated on my go to pick-me-up. As easily as that could have Been a bottle of whisky, it was those magical bricks that got me through those lonely evening's when the boys were in bed.

I was doing all I could to make sure the house looked different so that the boys could move on as we started this new life, just us. As I read back through the post a minute ago, I thought 'wow! talk about a metaphor 'for what was going on at the time. So desperate to drag myself out of the darkness, I was making LEGO lamps to brighten up the house and make our home more 'us'.

Almost 4 years on and life thankfully is much brighter, which is surprising when I think about the 2 years we've had living through a global pandemic and the fact that I'm still battling through the tiredness of post Covid myself. But what hasn't changed is our love of LEGO and how much it entertains us day to day. And the lamps? well, I decided to finally do what my friends have been telling me to do for years and set up shop and sell the things that we make, which we're really excited about.

Its great to be doing something I love and its awesome having Opeie involved in it all too, he's got a completely different way of tackling a creative idea, and combined, I think we come up with some fun and quirky, eye catching pieces.

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