Sunday 29 April 2012

"Holy mechanical marvel"

I spend so much time on eBay looking at toys and games, you would never think i was 32 this year. I say its because i like the boys having fun things to play with but Mrs M knows that its really for me more. This is an entry about recent items i have found and would love:

Creepy i know, and im quite sure that Mrs M wouldn't want this in the house but if she was ever stuck for a wedding present for me or there's a birthday very close she could make a super geek very happy.

A few months back i was talking to Mrs M about how amazing it would be to have action figures made of the 4 of us.Then i found Firebox where you can have your pop on head made for one of your existing action figures.

 They have a small choice of popular character bodies to choose from and although me and my eldest would be cool as Batman and The Joker and Mrs M of course as wonder woman im not sure superman is right for my youngest (never did like superman). i do quite fancy me as the Ventriloquist and my youngest as Scarface.

I used to love baking and should really get back into it (although my waistline may not agree). Maybe these would give me the motivation i need:

I love it when your looking for something on eBay and something interesting pops up that you've never seen before. Today this little beauty popped up on my search list...

I always think that if you find an interesting Joker toy and they make the Batman counterpart then you have to have them both because they always compliment each other, so i did a search and suprise suprise they do...

Ive been advised by Mrs M that that they were limited edition and made in Japan, now who's the geek! I'm so proud of her.

Well Father's day and my birthday are only a month apart so we'll have to see how much of a good boy Ive been this year.

Saturday 28 April 2012

'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things: of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings.'

This month Madam Tussaud's in New York opens its Marvel Exhibit which after reading i was gutted as New York isn't somewhere i can just pop to for a day out.

My disappointment has steadily increased since reading on and finding out that the Exhibit was actually on at the London Madam Tussaud's in 2010. How did i not know about this??? i'm pretty ashamed of myself and if i keep this up i think ill be losing my nerd status.

I guess i'm just going to have to wait patiently for a similar exhibit to come round again. I will make sure i'm on the ball next time. It would have been amazing to get some pictures with the boys here.


I would have loved to get some pictures with the wolverine taxi which they had painted for a competition, if you spotted the taxi around London and went and spoke to the driver then you were in with a chance to win prizes.

"Magic Lasso To The rescue"

When you buy as many toys as i do online there is nothing like the excitement you get from hearing a knock on the door from the postie (he's been knocking a lot recently i'm thinking i should go eBay cold turkey for a few weeks).

Today's treat was for my youngest (and myself of course)

Its just ashame i couldn't get these in th UK it pains me to pay for postage  from the US (Not that i haven't already found some more things that i want but i wont be letting Mrs M know about that) Any how i'm off to play Batman with my boys.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

"It's a pretty good zoo,"said young Gerald McGrew, "And the fellow that runs it seems proud of it to"

Since buying the DC Little People Batcave my boys gone Little People mad, in fairness a lot of the time is taken up by him using the Jokers head as a dummy but he does love playing with the Batmobile in fact he seems to love anything with wheels that spin round.

A friend of mine mentioned that she had a Little People farm for sale so i decided to take it off her hands, My son loved it. Once word got out that there was a new zoo in town it didn't take long for Batman and all his friends to load up the Batmobile and go for a day trip

Being the big kid that i am, after i had taken the photo's i seriously considered starting a blog that was just about Batman and Friends visiting a number of various prime Little People Destinations (i already have my eye on the Christmas village).

Im quite sure that if i started collecting anything else Mrs M would give me some jip but i like to think that things like this will be great to keep for if my son has kids of his own. 

 Well it seems that the DC Gang had a great outing, there was almost a bit of drama when Joker got inside the animal enclosure but he always was nothing but trouble. Watch this space for any of the Dark Knights future excursions.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

"To the batcave"

While away in Florida i spotted this in Walmart and just had to get it for my sons 1st birthday, he loves it which makes his geeky daddy very happy. Its just ashame that you cant get a lot more characters for it.

Its such a cute and simple toy for young children, i really wish they had released a jokers play set to go with it like the imaginext Joker fun house.

I started to write about wanting the Little People DC Wheelies but i had to delete that part of the entry as i couldn't resist going out and buying it. I have absolutely no patience (i just cant resist fun toys for the boys and of course i have to start now with getting my youngest into what daddy likes).

Its ashame the set wasnt bigger though it would have been a lot better if it was more like the stand"n"play rampway (Would have been a lot more expensive but i'd have been happy to part with the money). Being the obsessive collector that i am ive had to order the other characters from the US as you cant get them here yet,so Batgirl,Superman,Green lantern and Wonder Woman are on their way.