Monday, 30 July 2012

"Well, one day a mommy spider and a daddy spider fell very much in love..."

To quote Mrs M "what have you created?". It seems that our little cutie has become Spider-man obsessed and it makes me very proud. It was about 2 weeks after we got back from Florida that the obsession began which is a shame as while we were there we met spider-man and Opeie wasn't very impressed. If it had just been a couple of weeks later he would have been a very excited boy. We've started looking at holidays to the US again so I'm sure he will meet his hero very soon.

As you can probably imagine from reading the blog there is quite a bit of Spider-man merchendise in the house but a large percentage of that are things that Opeie has seen while we have been out and about and has decided it is a must have item. We cant seem to go to boots without coming back with a Spider-man toothbrush (which to be fair i don't really mind, because of this Opeie loves having his teeth brushed which i believe is quite unheard of in a 17 month old).

It was Mrs M's idea to write a post about all the Spider-man stuff and one day i came home and they had found all the things they could that had Spider-Man on and it was all piled up in the lounge. I think Opeie was in Super hero heaven.

wherever we are Opeie will always spot a Spider-man item no matter how small or insignificant it is. One day at home he was desperately reaching up into the air and we couldnt work out what it was he was after. After getting practically everything down to see what it was i lifted him up and carried him over, turns out all he was after was a sticker that the Dentist had given to Seth on his last check up. 

Even as im writing this he is desperately trying to get at the computer because he can see the pictures of himself surrounded by spidey. Weve had to come home from Asda on more than one occasion with their gift cards because they've got the wall crawlers face on.

Action figures, shoes, cuddley toys, balls, books, bags, drinking flasks, Pez dispensers, Opeie doesnt care what it is he must have it. Mrs M's mom and dad came round a few weeks ago and had brought the boys a Spider-man rubber ring for the summer, Opeie proceeded to crawl about with it around his waist for most of the following week, at one point i walked into Seths room and he had the ring round his waist and was wearing Seths Spider-Man bike helmet (clearly he's going to be a bit of a fashion disaster like daddy was back in the day).

He's quite a snob when it comes to all the other comic characters too, a week or so ago i got out all the loose Super Hero Squad figures that i have been collecting him to play with, and what did he do.........?

.......he seperated the 4 Spider-Man figures from the rest of the group. Obviously the web head is far to good to be associating himself with that bunch of scum bags.

He loves the chunky figures but I'm starting to think i might start a collection of all the more grown up Spider-Man figures for him for when he is older as there are probably hundreds of variations. I really love that he is so into something that I'm into already and in return he has got me into Yo Gabba Gabba.

Most days he's got a different Spider-Man T-shirt on which i don't think Mrs M is to pleased about but that's what happens when i dress him, plus i like the thought of him looking like a mini me because he is in fact a mini me. Ill be writing a post about the boys T-shirts soon, i thought about it 2 weeks ago when i saw them all hanging on the washing line. (Thanks again Chris [] for the great pic's).

I'm so proud of the way he is turning out and not just the obsessing of super hero's although it is a bonus. We have 2 very beautiful little gentlemen and everyone that meets them adores them. What more could you ask for? They are both very affectionate and always love lots of hugs and kisses and i wont lie me and Mrs M love dishing them out.

Spider-Man is always going to be one of the main topics of conversation in the house, at least until the boys are teenagers anyway then god knows which way they will go. I may end up being Seth and Opeies weird comic book loving dad.

Either way I'll always be Opeie and Seth's caring Dad who is happy to dedicate all his time to them and their beautiful mommy.

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."

Seth has got the blogging bug and has been asking to write another one for a while but we usually write them before bed and most nights he's to tired. There's no shortage of things in his room to write about and were always doing fun things. Today's post is about his Star Wars weaponry and accessories. I'm glad he wanted to write about them because i wanted to put the pictures up but didn't really know what to say. He has a lot more to say about Star Wars than i ever will. Any way take it away Seth:

"i got my new blaster a few weeks ago, mommy bought it for me because she got a new job and was excited. I love my blaster because i love star wars and now i can have a battle because Ive also got a Boba Fett blaster which i got from Florida. My new blaster is for clone or storm troopers. i like the noise it makes and both of my blasters make a different sound. I wish i had a Boba Fett rocket pack and mask and a clone trooper mask and outfit. My favourite Star Wars character is Luke Skywalker i also like Anakin,clone robots,destroyer droids,Boba Fett and Jango Fett."

"Ive got 3 Lightsabers, 2 of them are purple they are Mace Windu's and one of them is Darth mauls its double ended and like in the film one of the ends gets chopped off so i when i am playing and want to pretend that bit i close one side.because their not real light sabers. I cant have a real light saber because i might chop my bedroom up and mommy wouldn't be very happy with that."

"William is my best friend from school he loves star wars and when he comes round for tea we have light saber battles and sometimes we have battles with my star wars figures too. Ive been to Williams house and when i was there i dressed up as a clone trooper. William has got a Lightsaber but said he has lost his green one. I want William to see my new blaster and when he comes to mine next we will have a blaster battle."

"Ive got a darth vader mask and it makes noises and when you talk into it it makes you sound like darth vader. I like dressing up like Darth Vader. I wish pauly had a chewbacca costume and crossbow but pauly doesnt like star wars, i pretend not to like marvel anymore to make pauly have a sad face but really i like marvel." someyimes i just wear the hood bit of my costume so i can pretend to be the emperor or darth maul."

(i love this photo because it is very very very very very very good i like looking like Darth Vader)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

"Furculum: The wishbone or merrythought of birds, formed by the united clavicles."

I had a nightmare finding an appropriate quote for the title of this post but in searching found out what Merrythought actually meant which answered the question i always ask myself when i see the sign "i wonder why their is a picture of a wishbone?".

I moved to Shropshire 2 years ago and being taken to Ironbridge by Mrs M very early into our relationship i fell i love with the area and it has now become one of my favourite places. Today we took a drive there to see Mrs M's sister Lotty (who i had mentioned in my last post).

Ive been meaning to write a post about the Merrythought since i started my blog but I'm pretty useless at remembering to take our camera every time we go there. Well today i had it with me so off i trotted to take a few pictures.

The Merrythought has always meant a lot to Mrs M as her nan had worked there when she was young and she has lovely memories of there being bears around her house when she used to visit. Sadly she is no longer with us but i think that the Merrythought is a constant reminder for her. 

On entering the shop i politely asked the smiling lady (Caroline as i found out later in the conversation) whether it would be ok to take some photo's, she was more than happy to oblige. I explained that i wrote a blog about toys and that i had been meaning to write about the Factory for some time.

Its a very quaint shop, only small but is full of charm with wall to wall teddy bears and other handmade stuffed animals (apparently around 340 bears), everywhere you look there is something cute staring straight back at you. Whenever we used to go in Mrs M always wanted to see the vintage Airedale terrier but i didn't see it in there yesterday so I'm assuming it must have been sold (Mrs M will be very sad).

Being a lover of action figures ive never really been interested in Teddy bears or plush toys, but i find myself drawn in by the Merrythought. Each bear has so much character, maybe its the fact that their handmade or possibly the mohair that is used on many of them or it could even be that when i was younger i had a jointed bear that i used to carry about with me that i think was my moms?

I took loads of pictures while i was in there mainly because i had Seth with me and he was telling me what to photograph. i could have included them all but it would have been a very long post that may have got quite tedious after a while. I spoke to Caroline the whole time i was in there and she was a lovely friendly lady (i don't think it would be possible to be anything but with all those friendly bears around you).

Seth liked the new British Bear Collection range.

Although the bears are amazing the factory itself has lots of character too. when you drive into the car park or walk along the river from the other side the rear of the factory and the main gates have iron railings with very cute looking gold bear heads on top.

Lotty lives right next door to the Merrythought, which I'm always very jealous of, so when i got to her place i took a picture of the bears that she has too,that are always displayed nicely on a chair in the lounge.

Obviously being the toy fiend that i am it would have been rude not to own something from the Merrythought ourselves. When Opeie was born Lotty had a bear specially made for him by someone she knows that works at the factory which was an amazing gift and very sweet.

Since going there i have always been a fan of the Golly's but sadly i was told yesterday that they will no longer be selling them due to the passing of someone at the factory. I do own Banjo Joe though from the series of band golly's.

Before leaving the shop Caroline gave me and Seth a bear which was so nice of her. it was from a series of bears that were made for breast cancer awareness. Although it would look very cute with our other bears, Laura recently lost a friend to cancer and she has a daughter Seth's age which is really very upsetting and must be so much for a 5 year old to deal with, so i think Laura would like to send it to the little girl Poppy which i think is a great idea. 

Well i enjoyed my trip to the Merrythought as i always do and i really enjoyed writing about it. Thank you Caroline for the lovely bear and the friendly chat. I am sure you will be seeing me again very soon. Ill leave you all now with the first thing we look for when rounding the corner to the factory. . .

Saturday, 28 July 2012

“The true object of all human life is play.”

Seth came home today after not being here for a week which has put a huge smile on all of our faces. When Opeie saw him he started waving his hands about and got very excited, it must be so strange for him not having his brother about all the time. Mrs M wasn't expecting him home today so it was a lovely surprise for her when she came out of work, she had a lovely smile on her face when she heard him shout mommy from behind her. We decided to make the most of the nice weather and ventured down to Ironbridge to see Auntie Lotty for a cuppa and the usual catch up.

After the grown up talking and cups of tea were over we took the boys to the park, Seth loves the park and Opeie loves going on the swings so when we got there we had two very happy boys. Me and Mrs M like this park because there is a swing big enough for the grown ups and kids to go on together which meant we were entertained also.

We always have lots of fun when we see Lotty she is such a kind and caring person and the boys love her very much. She seemed to end up being the designated swing pusher today but she didn't mind.

Whenever we take photo's there's always a couple where we have caught each other pulling a strange face, rather than delete them i thought i would upload them for all to see (not sure how Mrs M will feel about that but I'm sure i will find out very soon).

Its made so much of a difference having Seth back at home, we got back home and the boys sat down in the lounge together and played with the batman figures. I stood at the lounge door watching them and started crying (crazy i know but sometimes i get so overwhelmed by how happy my family makes me that i literally cant control it). Seth and Opeie play so nicely together, Me and Mrs M are so lucky and the boys mean everything to us.

Friday, 27 July 2012

"Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise."

Its always nice to hear the postman knocking on the front door, usually because its a new toy being delivered or just generally something fun that we have purchased online. Its so much more exciting when an intriguing package arrives. This week our friends Chris ( and Michelle sent us photo's that had been taken at my recent BIRTHDAY SOIREE, but also in the package was a CD that we had been talking about on that very day.

The CD mentioned is Snack Time by BareNaked Ladies and its a treat of an album, Chris informs me that the band members all had children and wanted to make a collection of songs to entertain them. If you are a little bit of a child yourself and have never truly grown up then I'm sure you will find this album as amazing as i did (how could you not with songs about ninja's, allergies, raisins and not liking Salmon). I was drawn in at first by the lyrics "Ribbit, ribbit, a tadpole exhibit, It's a transformation no one can inhibit" genius! 

Every time you listen to this album you hear something new that makes you laugh. The crazy ABC'S song points out that P is for pneumonia, pterodactyl and psychosis, which I'm sure will confuse Seth when he hears it but as Chris said would totally blow his teachers away if he came out with it at school.

So far the CD hasnt left the player (apart from a couple of times when ive had to put Opeie's sleep CD on to get him off to sleep). Its certainly kept me entertained this week and im sure it will continue to do the same in the coming weeks.
                                                           Thanks Chris and Michelle. x

"There will always be someone to take your place, but no one can every replace you."

Ive been feeling pretty guilty since last weekend, Me and Opeie went to see grandad and while we were there we decided to go and take my dad's dog Kizzy down the park. I went and got Opeie's pushchair out of the car and gave him Hulk Bear to hold. It was a lovely sunny hot day and we were out for quite a while pottering about. It wasnt until about 2 hours later that i realised that Opeie was no longer holding his bear.

I was really upset because we had made that bear together and i had recorded my voice for Opeie for when he squeezed it. Well yesterday we took a trip to Build a bear after dropping Mrs M at work and got a replacement which to be fair kind of made me feel a bit more guilty trying to pass this newcomer off as Grrrrrrrrr (the bear we had given life to originally). 

When i was driving home i started to think how bad i felt that while i was in there they asked me if i wanted to make the birth certificate, I explained what had happened at the weekend and i said no we have one from the last bear. So now i am harbouring a super hero bear with fake documentation, i really hope no one passes this information on to the authorities.

Anyway despite all this the new Grrrrrrrrr has settled in well and has been squeezed and thrown about by Opeie so he is now one of the Super team but it doesn't stop me thinking 'what is Grrrrrrrrr Mach 1 doing right now?' I hope he's being looked after.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

"You remain a poor choice, little brother."

I didn't think i would ever let a collection get the better of me but it seems that one of them is really starting to get on my nerves. Ive been collecting the Marvel Famous Covers series of figures for a while now but like all things Marvel they are a nightmare to get hold of in this country. I could really do with a trip to the US once a year to buy all the toys i want. Ill be so much more prepared next time we go (with extra baggage booked).

It all started when i spotted the Red Skull figure on eBay and ended up winning it for 99p (stupid me thought i might be that lucky with all of them but some of them seem to be really sought after), when it arrived i was really impressed and knew i wanted to get hold of all of the others, thinking how good they would look all displayed together. I love the old Mego figures but unfortunately i don't have that sort of money to spend on doll's so this was the next best thing, there's also a great selection of characters to collect (now I'm thinking maybe that's not such a good thing).

Ive never minded paying the postage from the US,without it i would never have most of the toys i own, but for some reason the postage price on these when buying on eBay is really over the top. I saw one a few days back that had £60 postage on it? So unfortunately the collection is going to take a long time to complete. I decided a couple of weeks back to just sell them on and throw in the towel, but then The Vision appeared on eBay and it got my collection juices flowing again.

Opeie loves playing with the Spider-man (suprise suprise), and Seth calls them my "antiques" as he says they look old fashioned. Ive decided to soldier on and be patient in hope that more of these will show up. They are great looking toys and will definitely be worth the wait when i do finally get round to owning them all. Unfortunately Mrs M thinks they look creepy so i have no idea where ill be displaying them, hopefully they wont stay in the boxes.

When it comes to collecting i have no patience but it seems i don't have a choice with these, their definitely worth the wait though and i have a feeling the may end up being worth a fair bit once completed.


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