Tuesday 10 January 2012

"The mask of Helmut,13th Baron Zemo... and the leader of MASTERS of EVIL"

 Id be lost without my iPad (another great gift off Mrs M),because of it ive been able to get back into reading comics, meaning that i am finally getting round to reading some of the comics i should have read a long time ago but just haven't managed to. As much as i love them im not the sort of comic book nerd that needs to be owning them all in print and im not stressing myself out over the fact i don't own a copy of Spider-man *1 in paper form.
 I am though a little bit disappointed with myself being a huge comic book fan that ive only just got round to reading marvel zombies but worse of all ive only just begun reading the epic run of comics that is Civil War (http://marvel.com/universe/Civil_War)

The great thing about civil war is that every super is involved so in reading it ive found other characters and super teams that ive never heard of before as the story is made up of comics from many specific characters run of comics. Shamefully i have only just found out about The Thunderbolts (yes and i call myself a comic book fan).

Ive always been into the super villains more ever since i found out about carnage and whenever me and my son are playing super hero's i always end up being the red skull as obviously Captain America needs someone to beat up,unless of course he's wearing his big foam thing gloves and then i have to be super skrull to take my inevitable beating. I couldn't possibly be a good guy as the hero's don't fight each other (he's far to young to understand the concept of civil war....at the moment).

 My villain of the hour at the moment is Baron Helmut Zemo one of Captain Americas nemesis, This is a villain that devised a scheme for his 'Masters of evil' to temporarily become hero's (and so the Thunderbolts were born) only to lose most of them mid plot because they enjoyed playing hero and actively tried to achieve redemption. Oops...
Cant beat an easily foiled super villain!!

(Zemo wouldn't stand a chance against us 2 Super Soldiers!!)

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