Tuesday 7 February 2012

we built this city.... we built this city from le....go bl....ocks.

One of mine and my sons favorite past times is Lego, when i was young i used to spend a huge chunk of my time building things out of Lego too (usually robots). I just love the way you can build a master piece then destroy it and build something completely different. Although we love building the kits....

......there's always so much more satisfaction from building something from scratch, Plus i always love the look on Mrs M's face when she see's our final creations. Last year we  brought 18kg of Lego for the boys (well i say for the boys but secretly...)

The day the Lego arrive we decided we should make something for mommy, as she loves giraffe's we thought that would be the best choice.

He now lives in the lounge and wont be taken apart (no matter how desperate we get for yellow and black bricks)

We tend to build quite a lot of random things

Each thing that is made,is made to my sons very specific idea's, (and trust me some of them take a lot of time to work out). I like to think of them as commissions. 
One of our recent builds came about when my son saw the Beastie Boys video Intergalactic. 

His specifications were:

moving eyes
moving cogs in the chest
chest should also have windows where you can see scientists working inside
360 degree body movement
claws for hands that move
arms that have 2 joints in each
jail cells in the legs to hold bad guys
A wind up cog on the back
And a detachable foot that is a ski car

Some times it shocks me that these sort of things come from out 5 year old

Any way here is the finished piece....

Well the little man was very happy with the outcome but now wants a girl robot to keep him company so watch this space.

I love the fact that Lego can keep you and most importantly the kids occupied for a long time,although there are times i should really be getting on with the house work! oops!

My youngest is desperate to join in with us and get in on the action but at 10 months and happy to stuff anything he can grab hold of into his mouth i don't think its a great idea (i will soon be stocking up on megabloks though).

It doesnt stop me making things that he likes though and it wouldn't be right unless i made some thing Yo Gabba Gabba.

This weeks 'commission' was of course super hero related,i was asked very nicely for a Captain America shield made of Lego.


This year for Christmas the only thing that our son REALLY wanted was the Lego City police station, which he pretty much built himself. (i was very impressed)

Unfortunately since building the police station it has been taken over by the imperial forces..

It seems that the Lego city general public are more concerned with the drunken chef on the roof that is about to fall (during our Lego playing there always seems to be a drunken citizen causing trouble)

My son finds it really funny that when ever we play with his Lego city sets Darth Vader just rides a round happily clutching a diamond and a key to the jail cells, he never has any relevance to the story were playing, he just likes to have him riding around laughing (gotta love a child's imagination)

I'm quite sure there will be many other blog entries with our creations and Lego adventures,so until next time....

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Anonymous said...

wow!!!! I think that these photos are amazing. well done you guys. look very professional.